Source: Benzino get Draged called out by Tory Lanez for laughing at his daughter Coi Leray 11K album sales

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42 thoughts on “Benzino get Draged called out by Tory Lanez for laughing at his daughter Coi Leray 11K album sales

  1. Only thing Coi gotta do is remember the Destiny’s child was booed at 🏀 basketball game after performing what the world already saw as a huge hit, “bootylicious”. One day, you will be laughing at Tory when a twist of evidence not only gets him behind bars but also deported. God is almighty and he’s doubled his Karma. Can you believe his hate toward women? Abusive nature 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. He wrong for that shit!!! Come on now, you gone laugh at your own flesh and blood?😡he won't have no good luck behind this..karma will knock at yo door🙏

  3. He's got a lot of nerve laughing at his own daughter!!. He would have listened to it if she did the track with the Benzino! Give me a break! He's such a has-been or a never-was-been lol!. If she did that she would have only sold 10 albums total!. Ugh!. What kind of father does that!?. And doesn't he have enough of his own issues going on out there? Pathetic

  4. Well she still my lil pooh ting i like her music love her personality she still gone win & shine but her sperm donor is just trash really

  5. What’s draged tho🤣 and congrats to Coi for even dropping an album. I have yet to do so lol. I really wish they’d leave zino alone. I don’t think he’d laugh at his baby

  6. if u get in the car with these hard azz street niggas these dayz u'll hear them playing r&b not rap music . These women has put something in our souls to settle us down and pay attention to our feelings no matter how tuff we feel at the time . Coi came out with a street song with nikki and that's not what real Ns wanna hear from a woman at this point . So if I was her I go back to basics and stay in fokes emotions .

  7. Benzino must be on hard drugs. He's been in alot of bs lately. He needs help. Because if he would pass away tomorrow, this negativity would be all he left behind. He needs to heal and make things right.

  8. She needed better marketing and she need to be with good record label or do something independent and bring other up In coming rappers and pop randb artist something like a pre but with women

  9. I think she did great, I mean she really is enjoying what she's doing, them sales will add as she keeps moving forward with her goals. This guy gotta problem on his hands and it ain't the lack of fame. Speaking of numbers he ain't getting no younger and mentally about a year closer to a meltdown and rock bottom because that was a reach and that forced laugh was a cry for help. Homie need to get off the streets and check in to a rehab or spit them karma barrs in a 50 cent telephone booth somewhere because the village is watching a sinking ship and it ain't really that funny tbh.

  10. Remember Eminem said “this mf man you just won’t shut up will you” …he should just stfu like how you gon just talk bad about your daughter publicly I mean at she’s trying she ain’t out here robbing ppl or something he needs to just go away for a while I’m tired of hearing about this dude

  11. I don't even listen to this type of music anymore to old for rap 52 but I cashapp my daughter just now 25$ don't know what it cost to get but told her to get babies music she trying he need to be more support for her as a black women doing good

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