Source: Benzino say he has NEVER been Zesty not into Transgender, show Receipts how he met Shauna Brooks

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44 thoughts on “Benzino say he has NEVER been Zesty not into Transgender, show Receipts how he met Shauna Brooks

    yes 50 EXPOSED it because how would you know he’s messing around that’s suspect and very suspicious but that’s another story think about it🤔 P.S for a person to have to expose you they have to know something about the situation think about it once again🤔

    I only have one thing to say about the SITUATION NOBODY Can not and I do mean NOBODY cannot CLOWN NO ONE ABOUT THE SITUATION YALL KNOW THEY ALL MASSING With each other any WAY so PLEASE STOP🛑 BRING or BRING UP A BEAUTIFUL BLACK TRANSWOMEN♥️ UP IN YALL MASSY RELATIONSHIPS👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽WE not worried about what these DL MEN are doing so please keep ALL TRANSWOMEN♥️ OUT of situations that have nothing and I do mean nothing to do with us if we’re not doing something to get checked on please keep US out of your mouth👄 because the first thing people want to say oh she EXPOSED him LOOK👁👁THEY EXPOSING THEM SELFS she said this she say that well nobody saying anything so please keep us out of the BULL SHIT

  2. Eddie Murphy was caught with a trans and Teddy Pendergass was in a almost car accident with a trans. This has been going on the low for some time in the music with black people. It’s always going to be a secret. Until it isn’t .

  3. I worked as a house keeper at that RED ROOF INN… when I dumped the trash there was only condoms and bloody tissue in it…
    When they left the room smelled like vaseline and baby powder

  4. The problem I have with Shauna, she says she's a woman and to be considered one. But she calls herself outing a man for sleeping with her. So, if she knows she's a woman, what's the issue with Benzino sleeping with her that needs to be outed?? In my opinion, at heart Shauna doesn't feel like a woman. Just my thoughts but who am I?

  5. He full of ish as usual it's TRUE that explain his anger and chip on the shoulder attitude I dont really care but it's the lies for me ninga you out the closet bruh and I still find you as repulsive as you were without the rumors "daddy"

  6. The real question is was he rehearsing a scene from the movie.
    He called her Shauna, but her character from the movie is named Christina, and she called him Benzino is he playing himself.

  7. His sister said that a lied he did and she said he was caught having sex with his neice his sister works for 50 cent Lionel b the boggler got the story on his show

  8. never met but his verbatim words were "they had you looking" smh so clearly he saw her/him on set and was attracted tk them. that conversation told it all and shauna doesn't lie. i've been following her for years. this insecure woman beater incest queen really needs tk fucking stop smh

  9. But on the other video when the cop asked him and that guy to leave the room and did mention something along the lines of them dating lol and let's not forget the recording.

  10. I just dunno. I mean he sounded convincing but then some things he said where directly suspicious, plus the fact that Shauna look just like Althea and Althea don't want him so maybe he wanted a replacement 🤔

  11. But why did HE say that him and his partner was discriminated against???! Lmao benzino, we will never forget the red roof inn🥴 goofy. Great content again Gigi, you keep us laughing 😂😂

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