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29 thoughts on “Benzino Speaks Out About Red Roof Inn Scandal| #benzino #cavario #redroofinn

  1. Naw ninja first you said he's in the shower. Then you said when you was at your car and I quote "If we were a white Couple name John and Bill Summerfield then we wouldn't be …". You yourself called yal a couple. When I saw the Police cam I wondered what lie he'd tell to try and get out of this ish. Woooooooooow the drug card lol lol💀💀💀. Annnnnd Benzino is a fit guy. The way he wobbled away like a old man. Nah my ninja looked like yo booty hurt. Stop sleeping with women if you gay or Bi unless you honest up front about it.

  2. Nobody with 3 lbs of weed and a gun would have still been in the room after checkout. NOBODY with that on them would be asking for badge #s and arguing with cops. Thats common fn sense !

  3. All yall right .. got pulled over on the new jersey turn pike .. whole car packed with crack tires wheels everything .. police pulled me out the car .. I was like a lil puppy .. officer padded my jacket and said what's that .. I said cigarettes sir .. 20 thousand dollars worth of crack … coming from New York to DC..license was straight … even tho I was hustling I had a Howard University sticker on my back window .. I believe that's the only reason he let me go .. now a days .. I wud of been busted .. this was back 30 years ago .. I'm a ex baller … he's lieing… less be real … we not stupid ..

  4. So he had all that on him and he chose to act out all stupid??!! He was so loud and wrong!!! I would of been chill just like all them cops none of them was in his face!!! He over reacted.

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