43 thoughts on “Blk Mother EXPOSE Doodie Lo for SCREWIN her son on THE DL, Porsha Williams nose job EXPOSE, SZA MAD

  1. Y’all remember growing up and if ya brothers/sisters did something and even if u didn’t do it you still got a beating? That’s how TMH is looking at it. We better wake up

  2. Parents/Guardians/loved ones:
    We should all be outraged!!!! Whether you have men/women in your FAMILY or inner circle, that do things to children need to be dragged out in the middle of the community to be exposed, humiliated and embarrassed!!!! All 3 yes. We know this type of behavior can NOT be treated or corrected. Ppl that think like this will always be predators and the children are the prey. They can not live amongst us. Stop protecting the predators and giving them access to children.

  3. FTN bae said the incident happened when Doodie Lo was saying at her house while she was on tour. She also said Doodie Lo had his 3 year old cousin with him as well at her house. Makes you wonder. I feel for him too. Maybe he's a victim too? Somebody needs to check on him.

  4. 😥😥😥 poor baby, he's telling the truth, the forensic interviewers look for the specific detail in a child's story (and, from what the mom said, the child definitely included details) that only he and perp would know. I work in the field and I've worked with children/families who have experienced this sort of trauma.

    The mom should've taken her son directly to the child advocacy center in her city and allowed the forensic interviewers to speak with her son.
    The police and social.workers would've helped with the process-

    Posting on the net should've been the last thing in mind for her (but I get how this generation) handles things. As for the dude, he's doing what someone probably did to him, it's a cycle- these are grooming behaviors. Shameful and I hope this mom is extremely careful moving forward 👍 great content, thanks for sharing ❤️💯👍

  5. Ladies be aware of who you date & who’s around your children.May anyone whom rape abuse children ect rot in hell & burn 🔥 🔥 & feel that pain 4 life.Don’t watch these videos & forget about this,this is trying happing all the time in this world stay woke safe & if it happened to you please open your mouth & tell someone please

  6. Why mess with kids they must be jealous and cowards be cause their life was maybe f**led up they dont want to see no other childs life to go well.
    Cowards because they mess with defenseless kids who can fight back maybe they mad at themselves because they didn't stand up and fight back for them self…so could this be some kinda way they are trying to get back at their own self feeling bad because of what happen to them … NOT ALL MF PEDOPHILES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A VICTIM THEY ARE JUST OF THE DEVIL

  7. AP2TMH POWER bahashem Yashaya wa Ruwach ~

    Cautionary tales ~
    Rapper named DOODIE? Suspect!!!
    I'm a mom, & I don't play NOBODY alone with my kids… thank TMH POWER & change your life. let your children grow up, all they NEED is you~

  8. I watched her live when she explained why it took her this long to find out and how she did, why and when she recorded this.. She even mentioned that she didn't usually have a lot of people around her son. There is an investigation going on. She explained the process and I really do hope he gets what he deserves..

  9. You are too beautiful to be hiding!
    You have a beautiful spirit & warm personality !
    Come back 😢 sweetheart 😘 don't let the haters chase you away .
    Most of us love you soooo please come back .
    Peace & Love 💘
    From me Moma P .

  10. I cried 🥺hearing that baby cry 😢….. Lord please protect our children!!!! It’s a cruel world 🌎 out here!!!! I’m sick to my stomach literally!!!!🤢🤬😭….PRAYERS TO THIS CHILD AND THE MOTHER🙏🏽‼️

  11. Why would u make your title like that ? Saying “screwing her song ?” That’s a child u airhead he was not getting screwed he was sexually abused! If you going to be ignorant please don’t even speak on it…

  12. This man is evil some say he’s sick he’s sick all right, he is wicked to the core. His heart is evil. He and many others need Jesus to clean you up. No one is beyond the power of Jesus. Y’all got some reckoning coming!

  13. Ladies please listen to this young lady. Why in God’s name are you trusting your boyfriend with your kids? Truly this young young lady missed all the red flags. Too many “I didn’t know”! However, what’s done is done. Don’t beat yourself up stay sober minded and be wise.
    You have a long road of healing ahead of you. God! Please protect this family. Ladies please please don’t get so caught up in yourself that you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in your household. When your child’s behavior change you must know that something very serious has happened. Stop allowing these men your boyfriends access to your kids. You all don’t realize how much stress you’re putting your children through. Many of you go from one man to the next have you ever stop to count the number of boyfriends your children had to get use to? If you don’t stop risking your children you will pay, and price will enormously high…..

  14. that attorney. her job, not her child. smdh. listen 2 ur kids please. they didn't listen 2 us back in the day either and we live today with what uncle willie did 2 us cause when it happened 2 my mom, aunt, grandmother etc. they were told 2 shut up too. uncle willie would come around with money and the best Christmas gifts. then u would hear ur mom say take uncle willie his plate and u would shake ur head no but ur mom would hollar just take the plate and all u could do was cringe cause ur legs and ass got felt. dat shit is real. ud b glad when they died. i don't listen 2 da rap shit or participate in this culture. i don't give a shit about their crap ass rap culture. it's evil. smdh.

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