Source: Blk Mother of 5, EX Boyfriend chased her down in traffic & let out 8 rounds of Pow Pow in day light


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21 thoughts on “Blk Mother of 5, EX Boyfriend chased her down in traffic & let out 8 rounds of Pow Pow in day light

  1. You know when you got a fool and a restraining order is nothing but ink on paper it won't protect you from someone who is crazy so if you're leaving its best to leave the area and I'm talking leaving the state. I know it's hard but you do what you got to do.

  2. So sick of stories like this. Whatever happened to breaking up and getting a fresh start with someone more compatible? This is beyond ridiculous. Black Women lives matter….

  3. I was throw through a plate glass door by my ex and I sustain a deep laceration on my forehead from the thick plate glass. After I found the sense to leave that sick man for good, I board the bus to come back to my hometown, with only my new born baby, one case of baby formula, brown paper bag with baby clothes, and only the clothes on my back with $200.00 to my name. He found out that I was at my mother house and he called me and said: " Come back to me. You will never find anyone who will ever love you like I do." My response: "I'll take my chances because if what you've shown me is love I sure don't want to meet hate." Fortunately, he didn't dare come to my mother house to bother me while I temporarily stay with her; I suppose he knew that she would hurt him bad. Years later I heard that he was in a relationship with a woman who shot him with her shotgun leaving him with the need to have a colostomy. The man who killed his ex certainly premeditated killing her and he deserves the death penalty.

  4. Women need to understand that men are extremely emotional and don't take rejection well. You have to protect yourself. Unfortunately, in this situation, she was blindsided.

  5. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’’RIP !!!!! TO !!!! HER !!!!๐Ÿ’’๐Ÿ’
    LITTLE…..PIECE…..OF !!!!!!!
    DING – AH – LING !!!!!
    THEY…..GOT !!!!! AIN'T…..EVEN
    WORTH !!!! ALL !!!! OF !!!! THA !!!!!
    MADDNESS !!!!!! ATTACHED !!!!
    TO…..IT !!!!!

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