Translated From: Bradley Cooper reveals he was threatened with a razor on the subway

Discovered on: 2021-11-30 22:25:52

Bradley Cooper He is still at the top of Hollywood, and he does not seem to want to get off there, and that is that next January he will release two new films, on January 14 ‘Licorice Pizza’ and on the 28th of this month ‘The alley of lost souls’.

A full-fledged star who has also had to deal with the most complicated situations, something he has confessed on the podcast of Dax Shepard, ‘Armchair Expert’, revealing one of the most terrifying moments that he has had to live.

The actor has recounted the bad experience he lived in the New York subway, a place where he mistook one of his fans for a man who ended up threatening him with a knife in hand. All of this before the coronavirus pandemic.

“Before the pandemic I used to walk around New York City all the time with my helmets on. I was on the subway at 11:45 a.m. to go find Lea [su hija] Downtown, to the Russian school, and they grabbed me with a razor“Bradley Cooper has begun noting.

It was all “quite crazy”, and he had gotten used to being too comfortable and safe in the city, something he regrets: “I had lowered my guard. I was at the end of the subway. I felt someone approach. I thought, ‘Oh, they want a picture or something.’ When I turned around I was against the wall like it was ‘The French Connection’ or something like that, and I turned around. I looked down and saw a razor“.

The actor chased him and took pictures of him

“I had headphones on all the time. I couldn’t hear anything. I was listening to music. Everything had music. I looked up, saw the person’s eyes and was impressed by how young they were“, he added. After that, the man ran out, jumped the turnstiles and hid in the subway entrance, and Cooper decided to follow him:”I took a picture of him and chased him upstairs“.

Already on the street, the actor met two police officers, to whom he showed the images he had taken. A moment in which the agents insisted if he had stabbed him, something that he denied. Luckily, everything was a scare and he was able to return to the subway to pick up his daughter from school.

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