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Bronislava Gregušová is the woman who stole the heart of soap opera heartthrob Mario Cimarro, the protagonist of “Pasión de Gavilanes 2″. The beautiful model is 20 years younger than the actor and through her social networks, they happily announced that they are expecting her first child.

The interpreter of Juan Reyes in fiction and the Slovakian, are used to sharing couple moments showing that they are happily in love.

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Bronislava Gregušová is expecting the son of the actor from “Pasión de Gavilanes 2″

The 30-year-old model participated in the Miss Slovakia pageant in 2015 and also had several appearances on television, according to Cibercuba.

They have been together for more than three years and on his Instagram profile he shows photographs of the moments he most wants to remember and always dedicates emotional messages to his gallant.

This year, on Valentine’s Day, the young woman posted a very adorned photograph with Cimarro on her profile and wrote “You keep my heart full of love.”

Both already have plans to go to the altar. On several occasions, she refers to the actor as “future husband” and he, on Valentine’s Day this year, her publication greeted that commitment that both hope to achieve by saying: yes, I accept!

“There comes a time, after searching thoroughly in the soul, looking, traveling, talking, looking into each other’s eyes, stopping, meditating, committing and celebrating, especially if she says yes and promises you a home full of peace and lots of love! ”, the actor wrote in the publication, posing next to Gregušová.

The protagonist of “Pasión de Gavilanes 2” will become a father at 50 years old, as confirmed on his social networks.

“The day your name is dressed in blue and silver, the soul finds itself and its beaches are flooded with seas. Brando or Briana, may your day and your name shine, may it shine among the stars!”, can be read in the caption of the image in which they gave the good news to their fans.

In the postcard they appear looking at the camera, one next to the other, in a photo reel where the echogram of the beautiful future mother is presumed, where the baby is also observed in formation.

For her part, Bronislava Gregušová was also excited to become a new mother:

“Brando or Briana, our hearts, bodies and souls already love you. They will be cared for like the miracle they are, ”she commented, publishing the same reel of photographs as her future husband, and revealing that they already have the name of her son.

If she is a boy, she will be called Brando, and if destiny chooses her to be a female, she will be named Briana, as the couple has already announced on their networks, as the prelude to all the new experiences that they will live as happy parents. (AND)

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