Source: Breaking: Dr. Dre's Ex-Wife, Nicole Young LOSES Millions in Divorce Settlement… But Awarded $100M

It looks like Dr. Dre got what he wanted in his divorce from Nicole Young. She wanted half of his almost billion dollar fortune but only received a fraction.

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37 thoughts on “Breaking: Dr. Dre's Ex-Wife, Nicole Young LOSES Millions in Divorce Settlement… But Awarded $100M

  1. She does not deserve more. She may even deserve less. Did she do the work to make and create the money he earned. Having children for him is not good enough these days to earn a good portion of man’s wages and earnings. If she was a true wife and did not create any drama then fine; however some women are High Conflict types, who cause their men to react. (I’m not making excuses for Dr. Dre by the way; I never kept track of their story.)

    Only simpletons and misandrist believe she deserves more. She wants half of what he built; this madness needs to stop. What about what she did as a person, many women know how to appear innocent when they are actually the perpetrators. $100M is not chump change. Look at how many men’s lives get destroyed for being good husbands with women, who are low quality high conflict women, who divorce their husband to chase other men and to be independent to do as they see fit.

    (Reactive abuse and coercive abuse is powerful weapon that many women are able to use to cause men to appear like the abuser. So, either men or women can be abusers in their relationships. It,s time for Society to level the playing field between men and women by passing laws to ensure women can not just walk away with men’s financial wellbeing. Many women lie and destroy good men’s lives, because this imbalance in the laws that provide the advantage to women these days, when they leave a marriage. Women these days expect men to pay for their lives when they want to exit the marriage; leaving the man financially and heavily impaired. These days women have equivalent options as men, and can earn money to take care of their lives on their own. Look how often you hear women, even when married, say “I do not need a man”; yet they want to take what he worked to build and leave him devastated. My wife tried to do this too me when she left me, she hid money dining the divorce and tricked the courts into believing she had know income; when she actually made over 6 figures. She timed the divorce to occur when she took a leave of absence from working and some how was able to make her income look closer to zero. It was shameful that she got away with this egregious act.)

  2. That is too much money for a non-contributor to his career and his skills. Its a shame. She wanted half of his money…..Damn! Talking about a greedy woman. Shame on her.

  3. I think she got too much SMHHH she tried desperately to get half his money knowing well she signed a prenup by doing anything she could 🤦🏽‍♂️sure he glad she out of his life 😏

  4. I hope he goes and makes peace with his older children and gets all of his children together. If I were her I would get a nice condo and live lavishly. Get a new car every so often and make good investments. California isn't cheap to live in.

  5. This is not over watch & SEE
    $100,000,000.00 not enough.
    A BOOK
    ANOTHER $25,000,000.00 SALES

  6. If I were a millionaire or billionaire I would remain single and get hookers. No marriage. No dating. No getting to know each other. We'll do our thing. I'll pay them nicely. And they are on standby when I'm ready to see them again.

  7. If she don't take her millions and sit down somewhere 💯. I never even heard of her let along did she ever Rap, Sing or Act? The Real Housewives of Hollywood!

  8. She is a gold digger, I do not understand this prominent guys marrying this carrousels" you professionals can do better. Why get a female that has been ruined by so many cocks. Chase excellence guys

  9. He didn't sign it off in one swoop because he's letting the interest of his estate pay her out. In that way he doesn't lose a penny… Can't miss something you don't have. The interest will just go straight to her. And he can just move on. I think it's a good settlement. I know a lot of women think she should have gotten more but no she didn't earn it.. I don't care what the allegations say.. she didn't earn it. And she could have walked away with around 200 to 250. But she wanted to play hardball so she got what she got… But If you can't live off of 100 million. 60mil by the time you finish with the property expenses she wanted…Then you don't need to live…. Smart thing for her to do is to downside.. sell those properties and still live a major millionaire's life.

  10. You men gonna learn. They gone take you to the cleaners and dry you out when things go up the creek. That’s what all those kind of women want from black men anyway!

  11. Stop messing with them white girlsDeuteronomy 7:3-4
    [3]Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.
    [4]For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods: so will the anger of the LORD be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly.

  12. She doesn't DESERVE his money. He DESERVES his money, which is why he has it, plus if you're an attorney get your ish together girl. I hate women like her wanting money just because she was there🤔😒🙄

  13. Wow see this is what I am talking about.
    20 years together git kids and you build up all of these things they got together. And trying give 100 million that it with things over all that 100 million dollars. Shhhhh he so cheap bastard 🤣 a billionaire and a millionaire 🙄 and trying to give her 100mil o please stop .you think you so slick and smart should gave her way more. Alot more like I would say over millions billions he a freaking billionaire. Ok. Not that bs 100 mil no way more she deserves. And she stood by his side all the years. And she should be treated with fairly. And got kids. Together. Come on think about what far .you a billionaire you can always get the things yourself .give it to her I believe that is fair to help her and the kids. To be set and they good 👍🏼 that far .to me. Like if they got 8 homes then split .4 for her then the other 4 for him .if they got stocks split it in half. Everything should be split in half only thing not Is his name. Like he Dr Dre so his profits of his own name that his to keep .that I think is fair .

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