Source: Breaking TMZ News & It's Not Looking Good For Rich Piana

Breaking TMZ News & It’s Not Looking Good For Rich Piana. This was posted by TMZ at 1 am Saturday Morning. The Story is becoming more clear on what happened to Rich on Monday. I fear his life will be over soon or he will have brain damage. I hope I am wrong and that Rich has a full healthy recovery. My prayers to him and his family and his girl Chanel. My heart feels for them.

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25 thoughts on “Breaking TMZ News & It's Not Looking Good For Rich Piana

  1. Dear Friends… This man has passed on like we all will shortly. He will likely be remembered by many for his God given talent. His passing should make us reflect all the more on our own short mortality. The rate of death I am told is 100% We could die at any time and from anything a virus, cancer, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, age, stress you name it.

    Have you ever stopped to really think about how little time you may have left on this planet? I mean really let it sink in and think about it. Friend..Do you know absolutely sure 100% if you died today where you would go?

    There is a real place called heaven, and one called hell. Hell is said to be eternal torment and separation from God, where there is no more hope ever. Likely a most horrid place you wouldn't want any one to go for 5 minutes let alone trillions upon trillions of years…forever.

    Fortunately God desires all to come be with him forever and it is an awesome place beyond description forever and ever…
    To make this possible Jesus came to pay for our punishment our sin, our destination without God, and to bring us home to the most awesome, loving inconceivable place for all eternity. "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

    Also all of us have done wrong things and broken laws that God gave us. Don't worry you don't get to heaven by "being a good person". And there aren't "many different paths to heaven". Fortunately there is a way that everyone who has done bad things can change and go to heaven forever and ever. God said there is only one way to heaven..not many paths and fortunately we don't get there by "being a good person"

    In John 14:6 "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Nobody goes to heaven without Jesus. Plain and simple that is how we go to heaven. Not by being good, or following many different paths…it comes down to Jesus and Jesus alone. What is required? Well we learn that what is required is to repent of our wrong doings, and believe on the Jesus, and endure to the end of our lives continuing in our faith in Jesus.

    It all comes down to this…will you Believe on and Trust Jesus today. Change your eternal destiny right now be laying your trust in the only thing that can save us and fill the void in our hearts. Jesus Christ.

    Will you trust on him Before its too late!

    You will all meet him VERY Soon whether in this life or the soon coming afterlife!

    Will you put your trust in him right now friend?

    Please let this settle in deeply. When you draw your last breath that God gives you, which could happen any moment. In that moment you draw your last breath…the only thing that will matter is What YOU did with Jesus in this life….nothing else at all in that moment will matter..nothing else (everything but that is temporary and fading). What you did with Jesus in this life will be the ONLY thing left that will matter in the moment you draw your final breath.

    Much Love to You

    (If you found value in this message please share this crucial message of hope with as many people as possible).

  2. Tmz is bs. U don't have a heart attack from an od ur cns shuts down how tf… Either it was coke and really had a heart attack or was killed becuz he didn't "check in" after reaching that next tax bracket. Not to mention his ex wife

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