Translated From: Britney Spears wants to go back to recording now that she’s free

Discovered on: 2021-11-13 18:00:58

Britney Spears is now free. After a long and intense legal battle to end the custody that her father exercised over her for 13 years, the pop star has managed to free herself from that yoke and return to being a person with autonomy and decision-making capacity. And among his plans is something that his fans have been looking forward to: his return to the world of music.

As published by the TMZ news portal, Britney Spears is already thinking of re-recording songs. The medium, which has direct contacts with the star’s environment, ensures that the Toxic interpreter is dying to get into the studio again and prepare new material, something that has not been done since 2016 when she released Glory, his latest album.

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However, there are still many loose ends to be tied until this happens. The 39-year-old is known to have not yet established contact with a producer and has not chosen any composers to start working with. Therefore, we will have to wait to hear the new musical material of Britney Spears, this time as a free woman.

This news is very encouraging for the artist’s followers, especially after reading a few months ago that she did not plan to get on stage again and that what she wanted was to lead a quiet life and enjoy worldly things, like any other being human.

Britney Spears


However, music is something that runs through Britney Spears’ veins and she couldn’t seem to get rid of her artistic streak so easily. In addition, it has also transpired that she wants to take dance classes and just a few days ago she was seen going to a dance school where she really enjoyed it.

Of course, Britney has been in charge of clarifying that she has no intention, for now, to go on tour or to perform in front of the public, not even in a residence in Las Vegas. Let us remember that throughout these years she has been forced by her father to do so and that the trauma that has dragged on since then prevents her from feeling excited about the idea of ​​performing live.

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Of course, the aftermath of everything she has lived through over these 13 years will not go away in one fell swoop and Britney Spears will need time to reconnect with herself, to adapt to this new situation and to feel the passion for a profession that raised her to the top.

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