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Our e-khool LMS platform supports university, coaching academy, teachers, schools, edupreneurs and corporate professionals to deliver online training application that enhances the personalized delivery of your training content. e-khool LMS helps to transform the academies into online mode to provide a cloud-based online learning platform that delivers interactive multimedia content and online courses to the learners. With the help of our e-khool LMS software, an online coaching academy can offer 100% attention to trainers with less distortion. We ensure that our e-khool, the best LMS software for coaching academies, universities, colleges, schools and corporate trainers, will be high in quality and standard.
But, if you are still struggling to make your online platform due to the following scenarios, we are always ready to help you.

1. Not having valid course contents?
You can make worthy online course contents by doing the live lecturing which can be directly embedded into the online learning platform as recorded video sessions. Also, we will guide you to reach the best content providers, where you can purchase content, which leads to having your own branded online academy.

2. Looking for LMS with an affordable price?
About the pricing of e-khool LMS platform, it is very cheap when compared with other LMS platforms, where they limit the storage, bandwidth or learners. As compared with other service providers, we are ending up with 40% less cost by offering 20% of more feature sets. More importantly, we are the only one LMS software, offering free customization accomplishing your demands.

3. Expected features weren’t met?
Based on a pure micro-service LMS architecture and enhanced with over 100+ advanced LMS software features, e-khool LMS software has successfully delivered LMS products to customers in different sectors with different requirements. E-khool LMS software in built with key features such as online exam tools, online course listing, virtual classrooms, offline downloads, white labeled URLs, and fully customizable websites with branded mobile apps. In addition to, we offer 10 days of 5 programmers work for free of cost (A free customization equivalent to Rs.1,60,000 (10 daysx5 programmersx8hrx400Rs)), where, you can ask us to include the feature which you are really interest in.

4. Looking for LMS software with Customization and Branding?
We serve more than 200 online academies and each of them is unique. We are ready to complete your product with a fully customizable and branded solution based on your requirements without any additional cost. E-khool LMS software allows a unique insight to the learners with your own domain name in online learning. Also, clients can promote their own domain at their comfort zone to global reach of the business. E-khool LMS software also spotlights branded mobile apps where learners can access your courses with your own branded mobile app at any time for quick learning, gives you a pure branding. Note that we are offering the customization worth of Rs.1,60,000/- for free along with the 100+ original inbuilt features of e-khool software.

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