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Like his mother, Grace Kelly, before him, nothing seems to be going right for him.
Albert II of Monaco lately when it comes to dealing with his family, specifically, with his wife. After the long-awaited return of Charlène to the principality and the inopportune statements of her sister-in-law in this regard, now the prince has had to give a new interview and clarify again something that was evident on the princess consort’s Instagram account: Charlène is not well and you will not get your schedule back.

For the first time the prince of Monaco has spoken the magic words, the fatigue suffered by his wife “is not only physical” and, as all the gossip magazines pointed out, the princess
has retired to an indeterminate place on the map of Europe, presumably a private and very expensive clinic, to be able to recover. Once the princess of the great national festival of Míonaco that is celebrated on November 19 has disappeared, will she choose her sisters the princesses Estefanía and Carolina as first ladies again or will she want to add some new blood to the family photo? We know who the perfect candidate is: Camille Gottlieb, the true rising star of the Monegasque dynasty.

Camille Gottlieb, the youngest daughter of Estefanía de Monaco and Instagram star

With only 23 years old,
Camille Gottlieb the daughter that Estefanía de Monaco had out of wedlock with her bodyguard
Jean-Raymond Gottlieb She is an instagramer beauty with thousands of fans and a true rising star in a family where that is difficult to achieve.

The shy young woman and increasingly similar to her maternal grandmother has been slowly looking for her place in the complicated world of
the Grimaldi and every time he unfolds with more ease on red carpets and official events. A good example of this is that this week he accompanied his mother,
princess stephanie, on an official trip to Dubai … a sign that her Uncle Albert II trusts her?

Camille Gottlieb and her older brothers, designer Pauline Ducruet and louis Ducruet / gtres

As good royal instagramer
Camille Gottlieb is very active in social networks, and unlike other young noblemen (as happened to
Alexia from Holland in Tik tok), there is no known controversy on his Instagram account. Thanks to her we meet her “unofficial” boyfriend, her close friend appears
Medy Anthony, his inordinate love for abandoned animals and his fondness for sending optimistic and body positive messages to his followers. Very intelligently and after a couple of bad experiences and trolls, he “pruned” contacts and banned negative comments on his social networks. For
Camille Gottlieb His Instagram profile and “his community” (as he likes to call his followers) are “his safe place.”

Camille Gottlieb at one of the events held by her Be Safe association in June 2020. / gtres

Like her mother Estefanía, involved in AIDS fundraising organizations through
Fight AIDS Monaco And in defense of animals, Camille has embarked on her own path for non-profit organizations and with good intentions. The death of a very close friend in a traffic accident after a night out made him reflect and from that reflection he promoted an association called
Be Safe Monaco which tries to educate the privileged young Monegasques about the risks of combining alcohol, partying and expensive cohes.

With her good image intact and her good heart in shape, it’s no wonder that Charlène’s worst year turned out to be the best for Camille’s popularity. The absence of the princess consort has precipitated that even the young Camille has stepped forward to protect her family. While it is true that it has been
Carolina of Monaco who has staged the role of unofficial first lady on most occasions, it is no less true that since the return of Charlène Alberto’s older sister has decided to withdraw from the spotlight drastically.

Video. Camille Gottlieb, the life of a royal through instagram

Now it is the turn of Estefanía and her children. Estefanía was in charge of picking up her sister-in-law at the foot of the track when she returned to Nice. And on the trip on November 12 (which the prince of La Roca intended to do with his wife) it was also Estefanía who acted as first lady. Of course, this time the number of Grimaldi who attended the prince’s expedition increased: as he did on some occasion
Carolina of Monaco with
Carlota Casiraghi Throughout the long months of Charlène’s absence, Estefanía has also wanted to share the official portraits with her children
Louis Ducruet, his wife Marie and Camille.

Although at first her children went to Dubai on vacation, in the end between Camille’s Instagram account and the common visit to the Universal Expo 2020, the twenty-year-old became the center of all eyes. Has the time come for you
Albert of Monaco Do you reserve a privileged place for your niece on the balcony of the palace on the day of the national holiday?

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