Source: Cardi B gets draged after she Unveils her New Face without makeup, fans say unrecognizable


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44 thoughts on “Cardi B gets draged after she Unveils her New Face without makeup, fans say unrecognizable

  1. Poor girl ! You were beautiful 😍 the way you were baby girl cuz your beautiful inside and out ! Please stop don’t let other people control your looks God made you ! ♥️♥️♥️🙏🏾

  2. Hispanic has NEVER been on the census form OK. Dominicans are black. Hatians.
    Most Caribbean's.
    Puerto Ricans. Cardio has always claimed her black roots. J Lol didn't claim to he black until the world was marching for George Floyd. OK.
    As blacks we have always said these folks were black but didn't want to claim it. So I don't get the issue with someone who does claim their roots. It's like saying Jamaicans aren't black. Or a mixed person ain't black.

  3. The nails are short
    When have you ever seen her with short nails. I think it's someone who looks like a cousin or something. Someone who looks close enough. Then take that pic and manipulate it a bit. Post it and say it's Cardio B's new face.
    But if not and it is her then got this surgery right after birth. Meaning during her post partum period.

  4. Yes she is very Insecure but she has all these fans and likes a views talk all that shit but don’t even thank she is beautiful like it’s krazy to me I would t care what people say frfr but I guess everybody different I just don’t know but it’s sad only thing was wrong was her teeth smh shit krazy out here and

  5. There's nothing wrong with getting cosmetic surgery, the PROBLEM is LYING about "only" getting a little this or that and you've had a whole body overhaul! I had my breast enhanced but I didn't lie when it was hella obvious by saying "oh, I just gained weight"

  6. You can have kinky coily coarse hair without having African ancestry… I wish ppl would get over that train. We understand the history of trini and DR… but what does your CURRENT ancestry look like… mom, dad, grandparents, great grandparents. They are not black lol and her grandmother is slightly darker than her.

    If y’all look up travel vloggers, you’ll see that in the videos – there are darker Mexicans, Venezuelans, Columbians in those countries yet they don’t have stereotypical African phenotypes. They look like dark euro Spaniards. Not all dark ppl are African decent. Don’t even get me started on the country of India…

  7. Wearing a bunch of make up fucks up your face your natural look 🤣😂🤣😂 because these females don't look as good when the don't have on make up make up was never for us black women and she fucked herself up with this make up and surgery and she has low self esteem

  8. She is pregnant. We have seen her natural face on live while being pregnant. Her face is really swollen because she took these when she was nine months pregnant, plus she has on a filter. Yes, she has done surgery before, but not when she is pregnant. So this "NEW FACE" narrative is ridiculous.

  9. She was just pregnant and that can change your features and face for a bit too like with bey . Could’ve been a filter too!!! Things swell including lips and nose and stuff. But yes I think it’s a filter

  10. Are y’all really this slow 👩‍🦱baby she has a
    filter on wit no Makeup plus she’s pregnant.. all those affect your looks . And even if she got work.. wats the issue why dose it concern u its her face and ha money 💴.. yall worry more bout her face than y’all owns get help 😵‍💫then y’all always wanna say omg why is cardi always attacking bloggersss !! Cuz y’all do werid sh!t like this ..

  11. May sound crazy but I heard that its not the real Cardi B. I heard they cloned the real one and killed her. Heard they did the same to offset too. A while back they had her under that MK Ultra shit

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