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Apparently two days after the incident, the actress updated it Photo: Instagram/@carm.elitasalinas

The first actress Carmelita Salinas was admitted to a hospital in Mexico City on Thursday, November 11 after suffering a stroke, which is why the media and fans have been very attentive to the progress that her state of health could have . In a very forward-looking way, the 82-year-old actress left her will ready with the names of the people who will inherit each of her assets in her absence. The surprising thing is that apparently two days after the incident the actress updated it.

It was the same producer Nicandro Díaz who revealed, according to People En Español, that Carmen Salinas rarely asked permission to be absent from the recordings of the telenovela Mi Fortuna Es Amarte, which premiered a few days before the unfortunate situation. She is part of the cast with a very important role in the plot, so the surprising reason would be: a visit with the notary.

Carmelita Salinas plays “Doña Magos” in the melodrama that is currently on the air (Photo: Instagram / @ mifortunaesamarte)

According to the Televisa melodrama producer, it was last Monday, November 8, that Carmelita Salinas appeared with her notary to make some changes to her will, something that “moves” many in the sense of whether the actress is he felt bad or had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to him. The coincidence of dates and what happened to the first actress has been a viral issue on social networks, because her fans do not stop thinking that it could have been in the mind of Carmelita Salinas.

Several media have mentioned that the actress Carmelita Salinas had felt bad since last Friday, November 5, in addition to the fact that she may have sensed everything that was about to happen to her; however, those who saw and worked with her, even on the same day, indicate that Carmen Salinas was in perfect health. The lead actress even shot her entire scenes that day.

The house she lives in will be for her daughter María Eugenia (Photo: Intagram / @ carmelita-salinas-fans345)

According to her own nephew Gustavo Briones, who is her right hand man and works with her, they both came from working on the Televisa forums, had dinner together, she watched his soap opera and then went home. Later, a call from those who work at the producer’s home informed her that they found her passed out and were on their way to the hospital.

Speaking to the morning program Hoy, last July, the actress assured that the only thing left was to distribute the house in which she currently lives, in addition to a study room, which will belong to the daughters of her first-born, Pedro. He also indicated that the house he lives in, which he bought after winning more than $ 16,000 in the lottery in 1966, will be for his daughter María Eugenia.

Carmelita Salinas stated long ago that everything was ready to avoid problems between her family members (Photo: Intagram / @ carmelita-salinas-fans345)

Carmelita Salinas affirmed at that time that everything was ready to avoid problems between the members of her family, as happened to Joan Sebastian and José José. “I think that if they have left a will, they just screwed it up there,” he said.

The first actress continues serious: “Currently my grandmother is in a coma, the diagnosis is a stroke in the part of the stem. He’s on assisted breathing. He began to feel bad from one moment to the next. The diagnosis is delicate, ”his granddaughter Carmen Plascencia told the media on Thursday.

For his part, his nephew Gustavo Alfredo Briones said that “she is very delicate, she is serious and we are waiting for the doctors to tell us what to do,” he said. “His organs are perfectly fine, the doctor told us that they are perfect and he responds to everything, it is only the coma,” he concluded.


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