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Carmen Salinas is one of the most recognized Mexican actresses in her country. The 82-year-old interpreter has participated in successful productions such as “María Mercedes” (1992), “María la del barrio” (1995), “Between love and hate” (2002), “Until money separates us” ( 2009), “My heart is yours” (2014), among others.

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Since last Wednesday, November 10, the artist has been fighting for her life after suffering a stroke that left her in a coma. According to Televisa Espectáculos, Salinas’ health continues to be serious.

In the month of July and without knowing that her health would be delicate later, Carmen Salinas announced in an interview for the program ‘Hoy’ that she had already prepared her will in order to avoid problems among her relatives.

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The businesswoman affirmed that she had decided to inherit her home to María Eugenia, her daughter, while she was alive. “There is only this house and the studio left, which are going to be for Pedrito’s daughters, may he rest in peace. And this house is going to be for my oldest daughter. This is the will, ”Salinas said.


The luxurious house that Carmen Salinas inherited from her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia while alive is located in the Verónica Azures neighborhood of Mexico City and she bought it with the 350 thousand pesos she obtained after winning the lottery with a ticket that she received as a gift for a admirer in one of his presentations.

“I finished dancing with the man, he put a bill in my hand, and I said: ‘Oh, he already paid me.’ I thanked and put the bill in my bosom, “he said. “When I go into the dressing room, I take out the ticket. And it was a lottery ticket for December 24, 1966, with the number 3444. And I won the lottery, 350 thousand pesos, and with that, I bought this house, “said Carmen Salinas, affectionately known in the artistic world as “Carmelite”.

Through her YouTube account, the Mexican soap opera interpreter has shown her followers some details of her huge mansion. The house has two floors and has a kitchen, dining room, dining room, living room, main room, hall, library and other amenities.

Carmen Salinas in one of the rooms of her luxurious house (Photo: Instagram)

The kitchen is one of Carmen Salinas’ favorite spaces, since she designed it herself. It has a white cupboard and various appliances. “There is no way to design with brick and then cover with tile to have everything. […] The little doors are maintained, they are fixed, ”said the actress.

In the dining room there is a circular table surrounded by five brown chairs. He also has a piece of furniture where he keeps a large collection of tableware that he has acquired in his travels throughout Mexico. It also has a small altar for the Virgin of Guadalupe, as she is very devout.

In another video, Salinas showed her luxurious room. He has a small table where he sits down to pray the rosary every night. He also has a brown dresser and on top of it he has several photos of his relatives. In one corner of the bedroom there are several saints that other artists have given him.

To the side of his room is the library, a room with shelves that reach up to the roof of the house and that are crammed with books. Also in this part of the house are the awards that Carmen Salinas has received throughout her artistic career.

On another occasion, the artist showed her bathroom, where she has several showcases where all her beauty products are: from moisturizers to perfumes.

“I already showed you my bathroom, where the Salinas is looted every day. Nothing else I get up and I come to the bathroom to take a good bath and to get creamy and perfumed and to be very clean for all of you who love you so much, “said the artist.

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