Source: Cedric The Entertainer claps back at Katt Williams for accusing him of stealing his jokes

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35 thoughts on “Cedric The Entertainer claps back at Katt Williams for accusing him of stealing his jokes

  1. One thing about Cedric he's not a hater he speaks very well some comedian football to use other people's jobs let everybody catches on to that matter is make your crowd love as we care about we love both of you as comedian by the way Cedric you're not aging you're looking amazing i miss Katy long luxurious hair Pimpin status and most if all just work it out because it sounds like a pretty argument spread love life us short ur both kings 🤴 💜

  2. I believe Katt and I think If Bernie was still alive he would rock with Katt over the clowns of comedy who he did the tour with n carried every show on his shoulders. I hope Bernie was paid the most because he was the highlight of the tour. I like Cedric don’t get me wrong but he was part of the conspiracy around Bernie so I def side eye his ass! DL don’t protect ya daughter cus your such a fan of her molester Hugley I can’t stand! I can’t stand Steve big lip rent a pop ass Harvey!

  3. Listen up GiGi & friends, just like us African American women they are coming for our Men. All this infighting amongst each other has to be addressed & stopped. All our athletes, musicians, preacher's & teacher's. Its terrible & yeah i am guilty, shit i just laughed @ Kodak black picture (😐 it was wrong ) i am working on it. So help me do better i love all POC we have got to take care of each other now! Just try, thanks❤.

  4. I believe cedric why katt just saying something cedric has a new hit show and katt had been in a lot of trouble maybe a little jealousy but they both amazing comedians I hope they work it out

  5. Kat ain't lying. Ive been backstage with Cedric and Rudy Ray Moore. (Many years ago, but I'll never forget) When Cedric went on stage , he opened his show , with everything that I had said backstage . I'm just a nobody , but it he would take my jokes , I know he'll steal Kat's.

  6. Know what's so funny I think both men are very funny but why do pll take Katt seriously? We all know that Katt be struggling and let's just leave it at that. And the truth lies somewhere in the middle so let's just move on . Especially with comedian beefs? Chile plz. Respect to both black men.

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