20 thoughts on “Chael Sonnen on TMZ

  1. i get up at 2:15 in the morning so what why do people go about it like its hard to get up at 2 and choose to do what exercise they do then its no different from doing it at any other time in the day really. As for the vegetarian thing what people always forget its not just meat that they are excluding from their diet when people start going vegan or vegetarian they also take in better nutrition than before with their previous meals excluding the meat.If I cover a carrots in sugar and eat them that way does that make all vegetables unhealthy.

  2. LOL all these fucks testing positive for steroids…Its obvious all you fighters now and ever since The Dawn Of The UFC are all juicers..either that or a lot of the fights are fixed or worked/fake…Its all garbage..Same thing for Boxing and Kickboxing….K-1 and Pride was the last of a great age….Pancrase, UWF/UWFI, PWFG, RINGS and underground MMA Shooto pluas old school Boxing and Kickboxing was the REAL DEAL…Now everybody is a clown…So sad…:(

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