Translated From: Chantal Andere clarifies if she dated Alessandra Rosaldo’s ex

Discovered on: 2021-11-17 17:23:55

Days ago, Alessandra Rosaldo took a look back to remember that relationship she had in the mid-90s with the singer Adolfo Ángel, “El Temerario”. Nostalgic and smiling for the experiences of her youth, the now wife of Eugenio Derbez explained how her courtship was and that it all ended a year and a half later, when she found out that the interpreter had started dating Chantal Andere. A revelation that the actress was in charge of denying.

© @ chanaandereChantal Andere assures that he did not go with Alessandra Rosaldo’s ex

“It wasn’t me, that is, I didn’t walk with him; we knew each other, but no, “he said bluntly to various Mexican media. The actress and daughter of Jacqueline Andere did not want to delve further into that anecdote that Alessandra Rosaldo told on the YouTube show, Pinky Promise.

“No, the truth is that I’m not even interested in speaking ill of other people, I’m here to talk about the project and you know that I never get into gossip,” he said without giving more details about how his relationship with the singer was actually.

The memory of Alessandra Rosaldo

Despite Chantal Andere’s refusal, there is a different story in Alessandra Rosaldo’s mind, according to what she told in her interview. “We are talking about this happening in 1994, it grabbed me very little. I was 23 years old and he was about eight years old, “he said about that courtship with one of the music gallants of that decade. “He was a person who knew how to surround you, in addition to the fact that the group Los temerarios was at its peak, so it was easy to fall,” he explained.

© @ alessandrarosaldo Eugenio Derbez’s wife fondly remembers that time

“He invited me to his table and from there he did not leave me, well … for a year and a half,” he recalled about how they met in a dive. And about how it broke his heart, he explained: “He didn’t cut me off in person, he just started hanging out with someone else, and if I thought there was still something, then when I saw a magazine I found out that he was already with Chantal Andere.”

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