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The Princely Palace of Monaco has issued a statement after the Princess returned on November 8 after having spent the last six months in South Africa, his native country, suffering from a serious ear, nose and throat infection, which has forced her to remain on the African continent due to the impossibility of traveling. This statement came after Prince Albert attended the Universal Exhibition in Dubai on Saturday accompanied by his sister, Princess Estefanía, and not by his wife, as was initially expected. It was planned that on November 19, National Day in Monaco, the Princess attended the festivities, but this new information from the Palace has ruined the initial plans: the Princess he temporarily retires from public life to regain health.


The statement of the Grimaldi House is as follows:

The Sovereign Prince and Princess Charlene want to make the following information public:
– Their Serene Highnesses have decided that a period of calm and rest necessary to guarantee the best recovery of Princess Charlene’s health begins. Considering that she has struggled with her health problems in recent months, the Princess is currently convalescing and will continue to do so for the next several weeks, giving her time to recover from a state of profound general fatigue. Protecting comfort and privacy is essential to her recovery, the location of the princess will remain strictly confidential.
– Due to this situation, the princely couple regret to announce that Princess Charlene will not be able to attend this year’s National Holiday or the celebrations, together with her family and the people of Monaco. As soon as she recovers, the Princess hopes to once again carry out her duties alongside the Prince and spend time with the Monegasques.
– During this temporary period of rest, the princely couple kindly requests that their privacy and family environment be highly respected. Information on the Princess’s health will be released in due course, before the Christmas holidays.


A great expectation had been generated to see the Princess again on the balcony of the Palace, but finally the image will not be able to be produced. Until now, the Princess had not been able to participate in Monegasque public life in recent months because she was convalescing and far from home. However, until he has returned to Monaco, the Princely House has not officially confirmed his absence from his institutional duties. In fact, his last public act in Monte Carlo was last January on the occasion of the feast of Saint Devota. Then, in March, he went to South Africa for the funeral of the Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, a great friend of his. In May, she participated, also in the nation where she was born, in a campaign against the poaching of rhinos. It was then that she contracted the serious ENT infection that made it impossible for her to catch a flight back as she could not bear the pressure. During this half year, the Princess He has undergone three operations to solve his problem that originated after a previous oral intervention.

– With her children in memory and accompanied by King Zulu, this was Charlene’s significant farewell in South Africa

– This is how Charlene de Monaco’s six months in South Africa have been


During this time in South African lands, the Princess has appeared on few occasions visibly thinner and giving the image of a certain fragility. In fact, Palacio has reported that it needs “recover from a state of profound general fatigue”, although without specifying what ailments he has. Charlene will not return to her official schedule until she recovers. In addition to their health, the physical estrangement from the princely couple also prompted many comments. Her strange absence from Monaco caused strong rumors of a crisis with her husband, which they undertook to deny with statements, interviews and with some photographs. In August, the Prince and his children, the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, whom Charlene especially missed during her absence, traveled to South Africa to reunite with her. The four returned to star in loving images when the Princess returned home on November 8.

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Charlene from Monaco says goodbye at South Africa airport

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