Translated From: Charlene from Monaco was about to die: her environment speaks

Discovered on: 2021-11-23 15:24:35

That Charlene from Monaco not right is something that has been clear for months. What was unknown was the extreme severity of the ailments suffered by the South African, who is currently resting from everything she experienced in a place that has not been disclosed.

When it was announced that the princess would be back in the principality for Monaco National Day, nothing suggested that, although it was true, she would be the great absentee of the date. As soon as they landed in Europe and after a series of images in which Charlene could be seen again with her husband and children, from the Grimaldi House it was announced that the princess was retiring sine die in order to combat wear and tear and exhaustion physical to which he had been subjected for months. As has happened in recent months since the former swimmer was ‘trapped’ in South Africa, the statement gave rise to endless rumors that, again, made Alberto de Monaco had to give more explanations than he originally intended. “This is not Covid and it is not related to cancer. It is not a matter of personal relationships and if you want to discuss another speculation, it is not related to plastic surgery, “said Rainier’s heir in statements to People magazine.

Charlene and Alberto of Monaco in a file image / GTRES

Now, and after the words of Charlene’s husband were more worrying than reassuring, it has been the closest environment of the former Olympian who has spoken openly in Page Six about what her friend has had to live. For the first time, people close to Carolina and Estefanía’s sister-in-law have spoken of the seriousness of what happened, ensuring that the princess “was about to die.” These people, whose link with Charlene has been verified by the aforementioned media, have also shown their displeasure after the official statements of the Principality, ensuring that “it is unfair that she is presented with some kind of mental or emotional problem. We don’t know why Palacio downplays the fact that he almost died in South Africa “.

Charlene from Monaco with mask / Gtres

Close friends of the princess have also told that due to the surgeries the South African has been forced to “not eat solid food for six months and has only been able to ingest liquids through a straw, so she has lost almost half of her body weight. Furthermore, they insist that “She is not losing her mind or suffering from serious mental health problems” and they point out that she is “exhausted from having undergone six months of surgeries and an inability to eat properly”. Something to which was added that Charlene “desperately missed her children and her husband.”

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