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Big day in Monaco. Princess Charlene is already in the Principality. And the staging has gone perfectly. After more than half a year held in South Africa for an ENT infection that prevented her from flying, according to the official version, Prince Albert’s wife has arrived in Monaco from a 10-hour night flight, which left her in Nice at dawn, and from where she has been transferred by helicopter to her home. He had not been seen in public in Monaco since the beginning of January, when he attended the feast of Saint Devota.

On Sunday afternoon the ex-swimmer took a plane to return home with her husband, Prince Albert, and their children, twins Jacques and Gabriella, who were waiting for her with open arms during the morning of Monday, November 8. They have received her with kisses and hugs, since they had not seen Charlene since last August, when the sovereign and the children, 6 years old, traveled to South Africa to pay her a visit coinciding with the second of the operations to which she has been submitted. Certainly a very long period of time for children so young they must have missed their mother so much.

Charlene, Alberto and the little ones

Palace of Monaco The princess has left behind her characteristic blonde hair and has changed it for a darker color and a pixie cut

After the emotional reunion at the heliport, the four of them set course for their home, the Grimaldi Palace, but first they have immortalized their emotional meeting in front of the cameras. Charlene has appeared with darker hair. The princess has left her characteristic blonde hair behind and has changed it for a darker color and a pixie cut, the kind she likes so much.

Charlene with her son Jacques

Monaco Palace

The princess has traveled to Monaco accompanied by a new member of the family, a new pet. A few weeks ago, Charlene was very sad that her dog, a Chihuahua to whom she was very close, had been run over. However, a few days later he was excited to receive an unexpected gift: a male Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy who has been baptized with the name of Khan. The new pet has been playing in the courtyard of the palace with Jacques and Gabriella while his parents chatted with the press.

The sovereign and the children, 6 years old, have received her with kisses and hugs, since they had not seen Charlene since last August, when they traveled to South Africa

Just a few days ago, in an interview that has given much to talk about, Alberto de Monaco announced that the return of his wife was closer than many thought. “This last operation, which affected the nasal septum, went very well. His return is scheduled for very soon. And I can tell you that he will be in Monaco long before the National Holiday. It is not possible for me to give you the exact date, but I promise you. that you will know when the time comes, “he declared. The festival to which the prince alluded is celebrated every year on November 19. That day the Principality of Monaco summons great celebrations and the great unknown this year was to know whether or not the princess would participate in the religious service that takes place in the Cathedral of Monaco or in the celebrations of the Grimaldi Palace. There we can see the princess with the rest of the members of the Grimaldi family.

Charlene greets the media while holding onto new family member Khan

Monaco Palace

The princess had been away from her husband and children for six months, living on the African continent, where she has turned to her charitable projects. Charlene traveled without her family to South Africa in mid-May to attend the funeral of the King of the Zulus and carry out activities related to his foundation.

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Her latest appearances have worried since the former swimmer has been seen as a fragile woman, thinner and with a somewhat deteriorated appearance. The information about his true physical state has been, for a few months, confusing. Alberto has always come out to the step saying that his wife was evolving favorably.

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