Translated From: Charlene returns to Monaco after spending six months in South Africa without children …

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After six months in South Africa and rumors about her health and also about her marriage, Charlene returned to the palace of Monaco after six months in South Africa, his native country. A few days ago, it was Prince Albert who had announced that the family would be reunited days before November 19, the date on which the national holiday of Monaco is celebrated.

So on Monday, after a private flight from Durban (South Africa) to Nice (France), Charlene landed by helicopter in Monte Carlo. Her husband and twins Jacques and Gabrielle were waiting for her on the track. Although she was in South Africa for six months, last August, they –Alberto and the little ones– they had traveled to visit Charlene, who was reportedly convalescing.

Charlene had an infection in South Africa that forced her to three operations.

The initial medical report that justified her stay in South Africa said that Charlene had a complicated ear, nose and throat infection. It was also mentioned that this trip to the African continent was due to the fact that the Princess of Monaco was going to participate in a campaign against the poaching of rhinos. That trip planned for a week turned into a six-month stay because she even had three admissions to the operating room for her health.

The inability to return to Monaco earlier was due, they said, to the fact that his eardrums would not withstand the pressure of the flight.

The impossibility of flying to Monaco to be treated there and to be with her family, they explained, was due to the fact that Charlene’s eardrums would not have withstood the pressure of the air travel. This geographical distance triggered the separation rumors that always surrounded the couple since the wedding took place. And that motivated the aforementioned trip to South Africa last August. The reunion at Monte Carlo airport was cinematic, although it was not filmed. Alberto, Jacques and Gabrielle welcomed her with a large bouquet of flowers; Charlene got off the helicopter with her new pet, a Rodhesian Ridgeback. In addition, a new haircut, a little thinner due to hospitalization and with an agenda in which his participation in the national holiday of Monaco is, for now, the unavoidable appointment.

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