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It has been a month since Princess Charlene of Monaco (43) has been admitted to a luxurious and discreet clinic in Switzerland without news of her evolution. Alberto II’s wife suffers “fatigue, not only physical, which can only be treated with a period of rest and monitoring,” her husband explained in mid-November.

The statements of the sovereign prince and some friends who even said that the princess almost died in South Africa were the only information about her status. Yesterday it was her father, Michael Wittstock, who spoke publicly for the first time since the worrying state of his daughter’s health became known. The former rugby player and sports entrepreneur has given an interview to the South African media You in which he trusts in the strength of his daughter. She believes that Charlene’s past as an elite swimmer will help her get out of the physical and emotional pothole.

My daughter used to swim 20 kilometers a day, and knowing her way of training, I know that she is tough. He will get over this and come out much stronger. “

Michael Wittstock father of Charlene of Monaco

“My daughter used to swim 20 kilometers a day,” she explains from her home in East Rand, Gauteng province, “knowing her way of training, I know it is tough,” she said. Wittstock acknowledges that her daughter is not well, but has something very clear about her: “She will overcome this and come out much stronger.”

On 8 November, the moment Monaco had been waiting for for a long time came: the return of Princess Charlene to the Principality after almost ten months in South Africa due to complications derived from a throat, nose and ear infection due to a dental implant. But only a day later he was admitted to a center that treats addictions and disorders related to mental health.

Charlene from Monaco on November 8, when she returned with her husband and children

They did not want to catch it or spread it

Charlene’s parents, who live in South Africa, did not see her during the eight months she was there for fear of the covid

During her stay in South Africa, the princess stayed on a reservation in Durban, in the KwaZulu-Natal province. His parents do not live far from there, but he was unable to enjoy their company. The parent has explained that they were not with her during her convalescence and one of the main reasons was fear of the coronavirus.

Michael Wittstock (75) explains that, due to their age, he and his wife, Lynnette (74) had to be very careful not to get infected. They were also concerned about being the ones who could infect their daughter, since she was very fragile due to the different medical treatments. However, she assures that they were in continuous contact and that now she speaks regularly on the phone with her and with the twins Jaime and Gabriela, 6 years old.

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According to various media, Charlene remains in the private Paracelsus Recovery clinic, located in Zurich. It is considered the most discreet and individualized center for addictions, eating disorders and mental health in the world. Some of the treatments it offers are the seven-day Executive detox, which costs 95,000 euros or, the most complete, a four-week residential stay for just over 305,000 per month.

As this center explains on its website: “We treat clients in an exclusive environment with absolute privacy and discretion. Our inpatient treatment programs usually last four to eight weeks, depending on their specific needs.” At the moment, the date of return of Princess Charlene with her husband and children is not yet known.

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