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Ingrid Coronado / Charly López.

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Ingrid Coronado and Charly lopez They separated in 2004 due to the serious problems of alcoholism that he suffered when he began his entrepreneurial stage, and although a few weeks ago he recalled their relationship to ensure that they had reached an agreement and he was not interested in having a friendship with her because he did not is a good person; now the ex Garibaldi causes controversy again by ensuring that the mother of his son was unfaithful to him with a footballer.

17 years after signing his divorce from the driver, Charly López broke the silence about the reasons why he decided to separate, among which he highlighted two infidelities that he could never forgive.

This is how he related it during the program ‘De Primera Mano’, where he shared for the first time some details of Ingrid Coronado’s betrayal, among which he assured that she took half of a house that belonged to him after their separation and currently interposed a lawsuit against you.

When he was questioned about the rumors that Coronado had been unfaithful with a footballer, Charly was surprised and avoided answering; however, he finally accepted that this happened.

“No, no (say the name) because he is a married man. With all due respect he is a married man. Yes, if it’s true, and not just with him, with another person who worked at the television station, not with an executive; but with someone who carried the sales of a program where he shared the screen with Fernando Solar, “explained the singer.

In addition, he recalled how he discovered the infidelity while returning from a trip they made.

I grabbed it and she wasn’t expecting it at the airport, she went out with her and the whole team. I pulled him by the shoulder and said: ‘Let’s see brother, you know that she is married, you approach her again and I break your legs’“He added.

After discovering the infidelity, she apologized to him, but he never managed to forget the deception, so he continued with the divorce plans.

“When we got to the house she told me: ‘Forgive me, I watered it, excuse me.’ And I said there is no problem, but the truth is that I never forgave her and that is why the divorce continued“.

Finally, he stressed that he does not hold a grudge against the footballer whose name he continued to reserve.

“He is married, and he is an excellent human being. Here the issue is that, at that time he was single and she was not. The subject is not his, and besides, he is already married and I am very fond of him. He is a great footballer ”, he pointed out.

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