31 thoughts on “China Mac Responds To His Fight With AD of No Jumper… Who Do You Think Won??

  1. It doesn't matter he size a fucking fight is a fucking fight what are big fatt guys suppose to be strong or somthing ? I definitely had my money on China mac and China mac should have washed him fat chubby bubby ad

  2. If ad did win I know for a fact he can't fight givin how much lbs he got on mac and how perfectly fine mac looked after the fight ill always give the most props to the guy fighting the bigger man this isn't a movie there's a reason weight classes exist in combat sports and you don't see canelo fighting fury big ups to mac

  3. Just so everyone's aware there is no winner in a street fight. It's about standing on what you believe in and having integrity. I don't even know the situation but the fact that they handled it in the way that they did regardless of all the other social media post. Shows that both men handled it like men. if we could settle our disputes with words that's option one, option two is agree to disagree, option 3 resort to violence. Both men walked away to live another Day with a lesson learned

  4. I honestly think." Im an original 1st generation in my hood since 1970. That is wack. Why someone alwAys want to be correct. Streets never right" fools getting they g-strings in a bunch. No need for that. Asian dude" respect but i would have declined. You a G' he not.For causeing two dudes to squab. Modern day stupidity. In the 80's you squash beef. Not feelings hurt" G's Up.Hoes Down.West Side" DTLA. Skid Row Area.

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