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Discovered on: 2021-12-06 23:36:06

The actress would continue to call the PSG forward and also asked his wife for a favor; find out why.

The Mauro Icardi – Wanda Nara – China Suárez scandal continues to make people talk every time the waters seem to calm down. After the businesswoman’s interviews with Susana Giménez and the actress with Alejandro Fantino, now Yanina Latorre pointed out new information: Suárez would keep calling the footballer and even sent Wanda a message to ask her for a favor!

“China began to call Mauro Icardi even though they denied it to me. Wanda and Mauro were in the truck through the streets of Paris and his phone began to ring. When Wanda saw the call that came from an unknown number, Icardi replied ‘they are friends from China who are calling me because she wants to communicate with me,’ “said the panelist from El Trece, who remarked that Icardi keeps his Ex-lover, and that is why he seeks to contact you through third parties.

In addition, and while the mystery remains about what the actress wants to say to the PSG player, Latorre also revealed a contact with Nara. “La China is a daring one … she wrote to Wanda and asked her to send her the recording of the conversation she had with (Benjamin) Vicuña. He remembers that the first day when all this skipped, he spoke with Vicuña to check. The day she spoke (with Vicuña), as Wanda doesn’t know how to record, she put on a speaker and told Kennys Palacios (stylist) to record, ”he reviewed.

It is that, in effect, as soon as the scandal jumped, Icardi’s wife contacted Suárez’s ex to corroborate if what was then a strong suspicion was part of the actress’s modus operandi. And the Chilean would have confirmed it using a very harsh term for his ex-partner. Could it be that now it is China that wants to check how Vicuña spoke of it?

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