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Just one day after he referred to her as “that old woman” and said that “it was worth” what she had said about him in his book ‘Invincible’, Jorge Cueva, ‘Mr. Tempo’ spoke again about Chiquis Rivera.

The couple had a fleeting relationship in October 2020, a month after the singer announced her separation from Lorenzo Méndez. ‘Mr. Tempo ‘claims that he sought out the artist only to invite her to be the image of a tequila, but that afterwards she gave something “physical” to each other.

‘Mr. Tempo’ assures that he “didn’t want anything” with Chiquis

“What a bad wave that he went the other way for reasons that I didn’t want anything personal,” said the businessman in an interview with the Mexican show “Chismorreo” this Wednesday, February 9.

“I don’t want to get hooked because I have evidence and they are not pornographic photos, which everyone is saying,” he clarified, “they are not that kind of evidence. […] there they show who told whom”.

“How bad it is that you have to make that kind of comment or gossip to get publicity, rating or promote your book,” he lamented, “I really don’t understand why I appear in that book if there was never anything, there was no relationship , yes, it was about making a relationship with tequila and until then”.

‘Mr. Tempo ‘assures that he is not looking to “hang on” to Chiquis’ fame

The businessman of Jalisco origin insisted that “nothing was a trick” between them when they were together: “Nothing was staged, things happened.”

“(There were) too many tequilas with Alexis Ayala, with Zerboni, with Prieto. It was not an accident, it was a night of tequila trading, we had a good time, some videos were leaked,” he justified.

He reiterated that he does not seek to “hang” on the singer’s fame, but if so, it would not be hers but other types of artists.

“If I wanted to hang on someone, then I hang on Leonardo DiCaprio, Silvester Stallone, Ice Cube, Nick Jonas that we are doing projects with them and that they have hundreds of millions of followers on Instagram,” he said.

“I better hang on to them, the net,” he insisted, “she is a very successful businesswoman, very hard-working, I don’t understand why as Latinos we always have to throw ourselves down.”

What did Chiquis say about ‘Mr. Tempo ‘in the book him?

In ‘Invincible’, the eldest daughter of ‘La Diva de la Banda’ recounts how her relationship with ‘Mr. Tempo’: “He made me feel again that I was a desirable woman. So, instead of stopping at that moment to reflect, I let myself go and let my guard down,” the interpreter wrote.

“The chemistry was otherworldly, and I was vulnerable and needed that kind of attention; I just wanted someone to make me feel loved. And that’s what I’m guilty of,” she admitted. Elsewhere she acknowledges: “Now I realize that Mr. Tempo and I should have focused on our business ideas and not mixed them with pleasure.”

“I still believe they would be very lucrative, and although he and I have grown apart for obvious reasons, I have remained in contact with his partner because I respect his business sense,” he said.

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