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The singer Chiquis Rivera is a very recognized artist in different parts of the world thanks to her music and with her efforts she has managed to buy some things of great value such as a luxurious home. That is how he was able to acquire a mansion valued at 3.2 million dollars which is located in the state of California (United States).

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Janney Marín Rivera, known in the artistic world as Chiquis Rivera is the daughter of Jenni Rivera, one of the most famous singers of all time. Chiquis Rivera, like her mother, has managed to establish herself as one of the singers with great success not only in Mexico, but also in the United States.

But what has attracted the attention of her fans is that the artist has managed to buy a large mansion in California, the same one that has all the luxuries and comforts that everyone would like to have, according to various media.

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According to Fame magazine, it emerged that this property was purchased in November 2021. From a large room, pool, a large parking lot, among others, are some of the details of the Chiquis Rivera mansion.


The grand mansion was built in 2016 and is about 5,685 square feet in size, the opinion noted.

As reported by different media, as well as several users on social networks who posted some of the photographs of Chiquis Rivera’s luxurious mansion, the property would have six bathrooms, five bedrooms.

It has a kitchen, a large dining room, a living room, a main room, as well as a TV room. On the other hand, there is the laundry room, the garage for three vehicles. The property also has a garden, a swimming pool.

The decoration of the house is finished in white, while the living room and dining room have minimalist decoration.

(Photo: Social networks / Gina Michelle) (Photo: Social networks / Gina Michelle) (Photo: Social networks / Gina Michelle) (Photo: Social networks / Gina Michelle) (Photo: Social networks / Gina Michelle) (Photo: Social networks / Gina Michelle) (Photo: Social networks / Gina Michelle)


Some of the photographs published by social network users were also published by a Facebook user identified as Gina Michelle who, apparently, would have been the one who sold the mansion to the singer because on her Facebook profile she has several notices of sale of estate.

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Chiquis Rivera’s new partner is Emilio Sánchez, a photographer of the stars, who has worked hand in hand with Becky G, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and with the late Kobe Bryant.

Both show a lot of affection through their accounts on social networks, where they have even appeared kissing.

In addition, Chiquis Rivera celebrated her birthday with Emilio Sánchez and wrote a series of affectionate messages that the artist had not done for a long time. More details HERE.

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