Translated From: Chris Rock breaks his silence after Will Smith’s slap

Discovered on: 2022-03-31 05:15:36

There was much anticipation to hear Chris Rock speak about one of the most surprising events of the year. An unfortunate joke and a disproportionate reaction. This is how the grotesque show experienced at the 94th edition of the Oscar Awards could be summed up, in which Will Smith slapped the comedian after he made reference to Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia.

The episode has gone around the world and has overshadowed what should have been the most important party in the film industry, while its consequences are yet to be resolved. Will Smith has publicly apologized on several occasions and the Academy, which has opened an investigation, unravels the daisy about what to do about it.

But the opinion of the attacked was yet to be known, who this Wednesday resumed his professional activity with a series of performances at the Wilbur Theater in Boston before starting a tour of 40 US cities called ‘Ego Death World Tour’. And it was on stage where the actor also mentioned what happened.

“How about the weekend?” Rock started causing laughter from the audience that packed the room. The comedian spoke briefly about “what happened,” but did not directly mention the Oscars, the Academy or Smith.

promise an explanation

“I don’t have a ton of shit to spout about what happened, so if you came to hear that, I have a whole show that I wrote before this weekend, and I’m still processing it,” Rock said. “So at some point I’ll talk about that. And it will be serious, and it will be fun ”, he settled on the controversy, as collected by several media present at the appointment.

“Except for some other pretty weird stuff, life is pretty good right now,” Rock said at another point in the performance. In general, the public was more receptive than Rock was used to or expected, and at the end of his show, which lasted about an hour, he received a standing ovation. There will be time to go into details, but for now Chris Rock intends to continue with his life as if nothing had happened.

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