Translated From: Christian Nodal confesses that he experienced excesses at the beginning of his career

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The singer assured that fame and money can be dangerous

By: Erik Solis

SEA. 03. 2022Mezcaliente

Christian Nodal

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After his breakup with Belinda, Christian Nodal has experienced complicated moments, so much so that, curiously, his feelings could be reflected in his most recent musical theme ‘We are no longer nor will we be’.

In this regard, in an interview for Life & Style magazine, the singer took a look at the past to remember some of the most challenging moments of his life, when in his ascending career he experienced some excesses.

“Having fame and money is the most dangerous thing that can happen to someone who is not prepared (…) I felt as if I was being injected with adrenaline all the time. That stage of my life was like a blackout, every day was a party,” she said.

The singer also gave more details about how he went through that stage: “I hung out with people I didn’t know and ended up in strange places. He thought that money was living life crazy, to the extreme, fast and without thinking about things”.

Currently, Christian Nodal claimed to be focused on his career, so he already plans to create more music for his millions of followers.

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