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It’s still up in the air, but everything points to
the Princess Charlène of Monaco She will spend Christmas alone, absent from the principality and away from her children. The first clue? The
Christmas inauguration of the royal family of Monage, which meets every year for the opening of the Christmas village of Port Hercule. One of the happiest and most magical places for children in the Principality. The children of Albert of Monaco have not missed the occasion, and neither have Princess Carolina, Pierre Casiraghi and his wife, Beatrice Borromeo.

The royal family of Monaco (minus Charlène) during the inauguration. / gtres

Charlène’s admission to a private clinic to try to overcome the “state of deep general fatigue” in which she finds herself bedridden after falling ill in South Africa makes it almost impossible for December 24 and 25 to be part of her children’s Christmas , Jaime and Gabriella, and her husband Prince Albert II.

In fact, it is even possible that the princess will miss the most important celebration of December for the family that rules in The Rock: the
birthday of their twins Jacques and Gabriella next December 10. It will be the second big event that is missed from the Christmas marathon, but we still hope that that day instead of spending it with their aunt Carolina, the twins can visit their mother (and maybe they will give us a picture on Instagram?).

Christmas 2020 will go down in the history of Monaco as the Christmas on which Charlène shaved her head. / instagram

What has been confirmed is that they will not be present on December 15, the day that the twins and their father make the traditional Christmas pose with the decorated tree behind, nor has it been considered that Charlène participates in the traditional cast of gifts to
100 Monegasque children.

A somewhat sad panorama but paradoxically similar to the one that the princess lived in 2020, which makes us think that Christmas is not, precisely, her favorite time of the year. 2020 was the winter of the pandemic and of masks, the cancellation of major events and alarmist news on the news. For
Charlène It was also the Christmas in which it became official (via demand) that
Albert of Monaco He could have had a third child out of wedlock and in which he decided to appear before the world with a half shaved head and a Christmas look perhaps a little too rocky.

Alberto de Monaco is going to spend this Christmas alone with his children / instagram

prince albert He warned that the palace was shielded at Christmas 2020 and that the family could only visit them in shifts: “This year we have not planned anything other than staying at home
between Monaco and Roc Agel. We are playing it safe. It will be a different Christmas, but we will try to keep the magic for the children, of course. We will let the rest of the family come to us in small groups and take turns, “he explained in an interview with People magazine.

Video. The reasons why Charlène did not want to return to Monaco

What happened in that Christmas “confinement”, nobody knows, but the consequences were clear: there were no statements about overexcited children the night before the arrival of Santa Claus and with an overdose of ingestion of sweets as in previous years, there were no photos of the little ones disguised as superheroes, as it was beginning to be tradition and, what is more important,
after the parties Charlène disappeared from the map, barely made an appearance in January in an official ceremony and was not seen again. Has Christmas become the Achilles heel of Princess Charlène?

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