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To start the year on the right foot, Clarissa Molina She went to enjoy the sun and the sea on an expensive trip with her mother and, of course, with her millionaire boyfriend, Vicente Saavedra.

Through social networks, the Dominican shared some photos of the fun moments they experienced during their walk through one of the islands of the Bahamas, “Exuma Island”.

One of the first photos that the model shared was while they were riding a boat around the island where the “swimming pigs”, one of the biggest attractions of the place and for which they annually receive millions of tourists.

In another of the images Clarissa is seen posing without absolutely a drop of makeup, for which she received numerous compliments from her followers who expressed how beautiful she looks naturally.

“Super beautiful, very angelic”, “You always look very beautiful Clarissa Molina”, “Naturally! How beautiful you are Clarissa”, “Clarissa to the natural, that is YOU, real, sincere, transparent. Don’t change,” they wrote.

But hours later, the beauty queen shared many more photos where her boyfriend and her mother are seen enjoying the sea.

a trip iorand special! Mommy and the love of my life @saavedravicente!”, he wrote in the publication that already reaches more than 78 thousand “likes”.

Internet users did not wait and also wrote beautiful messages to him highlighting how happy he looks at this stage of his life.

“You are beautiful inside and out, I am very happy to see you so happy and above all that your mother can enjoy by your side”, “Your mother is beautiful”, “All the photos are beautiful… my dear Clary”, “Your mother he deserves it,” they wrote.

They became parents

A few days ago it was also known on social networks that Clarissa and her boyfriend became parents… but of a tender American Bully puppy, whom they called “Azuul”.

Hello, my name is Blue. I have the best parents Clarissa and Vicente. I love to play and sleep”, it reads in the description of the profile that they created for their pet to share images of their new “baby”.

Without a doubt, the couple is more in love than ever and eager to expand their small family.

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