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Motherhood under public scrutiny is complicated. For this reason, several celebrities choose to protect the anonymity of their children and their facet as mothers.

However, some more are much more open with the challenges, joys and blessings that they experience as mothers, which not only provokes positive and loving responses from their fans, but also criticism and strong judgments.

Claudia Álvarez was criticized for piercing her baby’s ears

After debuting as parents in 2018 with Kira, Claudia Álvarez and Billy Rovzar ventured into a double challenge and blessing with the pregnancy and birth of their twins, Clio and Billy, who came into this world as premature babies: they were born at 30 weeks on January 14, 2022.

In this new stage as a mother of twins, Claudia has shared the inherent challenges of being a mother of two newborns and the beautiful moments she lives with them. All this has caused many fans to empathize with her. However, it has also been the target of criticism.

On March 8, 2022, almost a week before her twins turned two months old, Claudia shared a photo of her babies where it is noted that Clio already has her ears pierced.

At the time, the photo received a lot of love. However, recently an Instagram user talked about her girl’s earrings.

Claudia Álvarez defended her decision to pierce her baby’s ears

In a dynamic of questions and answers on her Instagram, Claudia was questioned about why she put earrings on Clio and did not give her the opportunity to grow up and decide if she really wanted to have her ears pierced.

Given this, the actress of Overcoming Heartbreak appealed to the experience she has with friends, family and more women she has known throughout her life.

“I swear to you, in all my life, I’ve never heard a friend or someone say that she’s mad at her mom because she decided to put earrings on her when she was little.”

Álvarez admitted that there are most likely people in this world who are upset with their moms for piercing their ears. However, in his case, he has never met someone like that.

The 40-year-old actress concluded that once her daughter is grown, she can decide what to do with it.

“If you don’t like it, take it off and that’s it.”

Piercing babies’ ears: a controversial topic

One of the most controversial topics about newborn babies is whether it is good or bad to pierce their ears.

Some doctors recommend that it be done after four months, such as those at the Santa Teresa Children’s Night Clinic, or when they have completed their vaccination schedule.

While others, like Dr. Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric, warn that the risks of getting an ear infection from piercing can actually occur at any age.

“Complications of earlobe piercing include bleeding, contact allergies, post-traumatic tearing, embedded backings, and infection. These can occur at any age. Aside from tetanus, vaccines do not cover the most common organisms associated with earlobe piercing-related infections, and tetanus infections are not very common.”

Therefore, several health professionals recommend that moms talk to their pediatricians, and once informed, make the decision that seems right. That yes, the hygiene of the perforation must be vital.

Claudia Álvarez has already been criticized for her decisions as a mother

Claudia’s forceful response to her baby’s earrings adds to several more that she has expressed in relation to the criticism she receives as the mother of her twins.

For example, she was recently questioned for exercising a little less than two months after undergoing the cesarean section that brought her babies into this world.

Given this, Álvarez made it clear that this decision was supported by his doctor. In addition, his personal trainer knows very well what exercises he can and cannot do.

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