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Claudia Álvarez became a mother for the second time and twice, gave birth to her twins named Clio and Billy, respectively. The interpreter introduced the new members of her family with a photograph that caused tenderness on social networks.

It was in September 2021 when Claudia Álvarez and her husband, producer Billy Rovzar, surprised by announcing that they were expecting two babies, a boy and a girl. At that time, the couple shared their happiness with a series of photos where they revealed the sex of their children and posed with their firstborn, Kira.

Five months later, the actress gave birth to her twins, who were born weeks earlier than expected. Yesterday afternoon, Álvarez caused a sensation on social networks by revealing that he welcomed his children last weekend through an emotional message that he posted on his Instagram profile, where he also expressed his feelings after his arrival. .

First photograph of Clio and Billy, children of Claudia Álvarez and Billy Rovzar (Capture: @claudiaalvarezo/Instagram)

“8 days ago my 2 loves arrived that were missing to complete my family, they were many weeks ahead of me and thank God they are healthy !!”, he wrote.

The 40-year-old interpreter hinted at how lucky she feels with the arrival of her babies and moved by explaining how her first interactions have been. Claudia Álvarez accompanied her words with a beautiful postcard where she showed off the hands and feet of Clio and Billy.

“With your little hands of 1 cm when squeezing my little finger I feel that you are as strong as a bear and going with you to play skin-to-skin kangaroo has connected me to the depths of my soul!!! Welcome to the RovzAlvarez family… Welcome to the greatest love in life!!!” he concluded.

The congratulations impacted her almost three million followers on the platform, who soon filled the comment box with congratulations, messages of affection and good wishes for both the proud mother and the producer. Among the reactions they received, the presence of some figures from the media stood out, such as Michelle Renaud, Shanik Aspe, Mariana Seoane, Fernanda Castillo, Camila Sodi, among others.

“Blessings, family!!”, wrote Andrea Legarreta. “Welcome!! May they bring a thousand blessings for you and your husband, ”continued Maribel Guardia. “What emotion and what a great joy! GAD! A big hug Claudia! Congratulations!” added Kika Edgar.

So far, more details about the Álvarez Rovzar family are unknown, since the actress of Overcoming Heartbreak has limited herself to reposting some congratulations in her Instagram stories.

(Photo: @claudiaalvarezo/Instagram)

However, the native of Mexico City was active on social networks during her pregnancy, because in addition to uploading some photos showing off her baby bump, she also opened her heart to her followers and shared how her process was after she underwent a fertilization treatment to be able to conceive for the second time.

The 40-year-old interpreter explained that after the embryo transfer she remained in absolute rest for the first five days, tried to follow her doctor’s recommendations to the letter and took extreme precautions by controlling her temperature levels.

“Since I got out of the transfer I kept my feet super warm all week with mega winter socks. Don’t let anything get cold,” he commented on his Instagram stories.

Claudia Álvarez and Billy Rovzar celebrated 10 years of dating and 5 years of marriage (Photo: Instagram/@claudiaalvarezo)

The Mexican artist said that as soon as she left the medical facilities she went to eat at a fast food restaurant because she followed a myth about the salt that fries usually contain. Finally, he mentioned that he tried to avoid sudden movements and two weeks later he learned that the treatment had positive results.


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