Source: Coi Leray gets CHECKED by Nicki Minaj about Hate Trains & Women Rappers being Coddled

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33 thoughts on “Coi Leray gets CHECKED by Nicki Minaj about Hate Trains & Women Rappers being Coddled

  1. Damn if Nikki do damn if Nikki don’t she truly has gone through shit and still is that the new upcoming artist like Coi has yet to experienced Nikki keeps that shit gangsta and the new day in age is so damn soft and touchy you can’t tell they ass shit real talk , they think they seen it all and been through it all , All Nikki M was telling Coi in simple term keep on living you will see what going through some shit really is

  2. People always looking for something Nicki says to use against her and pick her apart. The general conversation was about uplifting and positivity. And let’s be real. She didn’t say anything wrong. These new chicks in the game read and respond to damn near everything said to them. They’re struggling with a little backlash from fans that they can just ignore. This is a rough industry where you can’t just expect everyone to love you. Nicki had damn near the entire industry go against her. And even when she was coming up she had several artist try to stop her career before she even got signed. All I’m saying if everything she says has folks always about to have a stroke then that gives even more reason why she’s the queen

  3. See Nicki you wrong because your the type of person that would have missed me, pissed me off, causing me to go off and cuss you out ,legend, fan or star struck because unless you were there reading the hate or personally there witnessing the hate I was getting, you have no right to INVALIDATE my experience, like are you trying to play the struggleanomics or something?, comparing and contrasting needs to stop how about however you see it or how I explain it, hate is hate and that's it.

  4. Nikki‘s mouth is ruthless as we all know. But what she said is correct. The old school female artists and I would say Nikki is kind of the cut off of what I would even try to consider old school, definitely had it much worse. The only artist now that I could say is really experienced that kind of hates is Chloe Haley. Don’t nobody give a damn about coi le Rae. Meg the stallion is getting all this heat because she brought it on herself.

  5. The problem is hate is hate regardless of how much more you feel you received. People definitely hate on coi just like ppl hate on small YouTubers it’s all the same haters gon be haters even if they don’t know you like that 🤣🥲

  6. There are levels to hate and what’s considered to be hate. What’s hate for one could be dislike to another. She quickly switched it up and agreed with Nicki the moment Nicki went against her claims. Young girl learn yourself inside and out before you engage in topics and conversations.

  7. Nicki spoke facts. These female rappers now don't have to work as hard as the rappers from Nicki & Lil Kim era. It was also a slap in the face to Nicki what Coi said. I don't want to be on Nicki or Beyonce level. Then why u doing it? If u gone let what people say hold u back or keep u small then u in the wrong profession. Coi u don't want to be on they level but u want a feature with Nicki? Well it took a lot of grind & hard work to get where Nicki at to even give u a feature. I love Nicki & she gave Coi great advice.

  8. At the end of the day people built different. Nikki may or may not have more haters than coi, but that don't make coi wrong for feeling how she does and that's how it came off from nikki, whether she meant it to or not.

  9. Nicki ain't wrong. Some of these rappers get a little hate and say they have a hate train. Lmao. Y'all got no idea what a hate train is. Nicki have had the biggest industry moguls against her, the award shows, the biggest record labels. I think they are so soft, a tiny negative comment they call the hate train. These girls don't know hate yet.

  10. Nicki is a pick-me and she protects predators. She let dusty lil wayne convince her to purchase a bigger b00ty. She gave kevin samuels a bigger platform to express his ridiculous ideals. Crying for black men's attention during interviews screaming about HOw mUCh ShE LoVeS ThEm aND THey NeEd MOre LoVE. The dusty list goes on.

    I'm not surprised that she is acting like a mammy and loves to minimize other women's experiences. According to nicki minaj's deranged logic we should be able to say the same thing about her. She hasn't experienced hate on the same level as lil kim or other female rappers that came WAY before her so should her feelings be considered as invalid too?🤷Is nicki on that booga suga 😂

  11. They stayed dragging coi and body shaming her, remember that concert coi had and the crowd was stiff that was embarrassing. I’m sorry but niki is wrong on this one

  12. In a way I agree with Nicki minaji. I do believe they went hard on her with the hate train because she is a woman, pretty, talented and with super success til this day. The same way they do beyonce, but with beyonce she's good with ignoring it but that doesn't mean it don't bother her. She manages well..but I can imagine it would be difficult if you hear something awful bout your self.. hopefully thru time nicki can manage just like B.

  13. I dont think it was what she said but how she said it. I feel like she was simply trying to tell coi like hey this is only the tip of the iceberg if you think the hate is bad now just wait basically. What throws it off is her saying "youve never experienced hate" or experienced it in the way she has. Cause then it seems like youre downplaying peoples experiences and feelings.

  14. Coi has received hate. This is her experience not yours Nicki, ITS NOT ABOUT YOU NICKI! Never! Diminish another person’s experience, then had the nerve to compare it to your own. Nicki needs to learn how to take constructive criticism & move on. Making more sense as to why a lot of women don’t F with her.

  15. I definitely can see both point of views because the Nicki hate train was and still is very real and it’ was crazy how they tried to do Nicki. Coi has also had it hard just not at the magnitude that Nicki has. However, I’m a barb but that was mad disrespectful. You can tell coi was kinda like no disrespect but b how you gone tell me about my pain and the hate I’ve experienced. But that’s the price she gone pay to have that feature to help her career I guess. Nicki did come off rude and insensitive. We all have our trials and tribulations in life period so to tell someone well your pain isn’t half as bad as mine so shut up. Is disrespectful. She could’ve said yeah chille and it’s not going to get better and on to the next subject

  16. I actually agree with Nicki. Most Coi problems deals with her father issues that created haters from it. Nicki had the backlash of being compared to Lil Kim and a lot of beefs and being on a slimy label like cash money. Being the only women that good at what she does created alot of hate. Most of this hate these rappers go through now comes from what they say or do themselves and social media hate through comments. Social media wasn’t as big when Nicki first started so that’s a different kind of hate than these podcasts and comment sections.

  17. I'm tired of Nicki tryna be the mother of women's rap…i can't take her seriously because of way she handled her brother and her husband's situation,I'm sorry.

  18. Yea Nicki has gotten, and gets a lot of hate….but she shouldnt dismiss another ones pain.
    No need to compare scars.
    Im sorry, but some of these ladies should just not be befriended, just keep it as business. Coi, RUN!!! YOU DONT NEED HER AS S FRIEND.

  19. Coi could’ve been going through shit out side of the industry Too. Nicki wasn’t wrong about certain parts,But she should’ve Coi finish expressing herself….

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