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Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera, known as Colate, told a few months ago that the legal battle with Paulina Rubio for his son was leading him to ruin, so they gave a mutual truce. After years of dispute, the couple seemed to begin to understand each other. However, the latest news raised the alarm that Colate could be fighting for the custody of his son in common, Andrea Nicolás. Now, Rubio’s ex-partner has denied it on the Mexican program Ventaneando.

According to some headlines, the businessman would have filed a complaint in the Miami court to request custody of his son after Paulina Rubio did not properly exercise her role as caregiver while the child passed the Covid, going on a trip.

Colate walking her dog in Miami with her son

Instagram / colatenicolas

After this information, Colate has been very angry at continuing to be related to the singer. He has not wanted to clarify if it was true that Rubio had gone on a trip during the period that Andrea was sick. However, he has made it clear in Ventaneando that he does not intend to fight for custody of his son.

“I have never asked for custody of the child. Regardless of what I consider to be the best for the child, I have never tried to have it nor have I had custody of the child,” he said, assuring that his mother’s role in Andrea’s life is essential.

Colate with his son Andrea Nicolás

Instagram / colatenicolas

The businessman stated that he is dedicated to being close to his son and that he cares about his well-being. “I live in Miami solely and exclusively for my son. I have sacrificed a lot for my son and I have never wanted to separate him from his mother,” he reiterated. “I respect the mother of my son. Another thing is that she does things with which I do not agree and you have to go to court,” he explains to Mexican television.

The former survivor hinted that he could have gone to court after a disagreement over this child’s health problem. However, he assures that this problem does not mean that he has demanded a change in custody of his son. So far the singer has not spoken, but Colate settles any type of false speculation.

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