Translated From: Cuba mourns the death of the renowned actress Gina Cabrera

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Actress Gina Cabrera. Photo: Portal Cubarte.

This Monday, Luisa Gorgina Cabrera Parada, a figure of the stage and theater, passed away at 93 years of age. known in Cuban culture and internationally as Gina Cabrera.

The death leaves a deep pain, for the affection and admiration that aroused in the Cuban public after his masterful deliveries and interpretations that were marked by the professionalism in each character.

The renowned actress was born in Havana on May 28, 1928. Her name has prestigious Cuban culture for decades, and it has been precisely because of that versatility, elegance and authenticity with which Gina Cabrera always assumed art and the sense of Cubanness.

His mark will remain indelible, palpable in the cultural history of our nation, as one of the icons of Cuban television. He founded that medium and ventured into all genres.

In addition, he achieved recognition in programs such as Palmolive Love Wednesday, Soraya a flower in the storm, Los mambises, Juana Azurduy, El Caballero Blanco, Saturday 37 and El mambisito; all of great impact and audience on Cuban radio.

Gina stood out for her versatility. Photo: Portal Cubarte.

Gina played many of the famous authors in any of the genres in which she ventured: theater, radio, TV and cinema, and achieved international recognition.

Her work went beyond working as an actress, encompassing teaching and teaching, where she was a teacher of children and adults, taking part in performance evaluation commissions and other activities related to the teaching of art.

A phrase defines and characterized her: “Gina, as beautiful as she is talented”. And this is demonstrated in his passage through the airwaves, the tables, the small and the big screen. A leading actress, worthy of the National Television Award for the Work of Life, in its first edition and the greatest award that is the affection, admiration and recognition of the people, to whom she dedicated her art with modesty and simplicity.

Gina will always remain in your audience. Photo: Portal Cubarte.

(With information from Portal Cubarte)

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