Source: D G Shipping E Learning for STCW courses and Online Exit Exam Explained | Merchant Navy Course

D G Shipping E Learning for STCW courses and Online Exit Exam Explained, Merchant Navy Course
In This Video I will explain what is D G Shipping E Learning and Online Exit Exam step by step which is basically Merchant Navy modular and STCW Course recently came under d g shipping circular 2020. Why it’s important to do e-learning courses and what are the modular courses you can do under e learning. what is the role of Marine Training Institute or MTI in this d g shipping stcw circular.
All Indian seafarer, clear all your doubts regarding D G Shipping new rule for Renew modular courses, stcw 2010 courses, familiarisation courses through e learning and online exit exam.
End of this video you will get to know:
— What is d g shipping e-learning
— What is online exit exam
— How to renew modular courses
— Dg shipping new circular to renew STCW courses
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32 thoughts on “D G Shipping E Learning for STCW courses and Online Exit Exam Explained | Merchant Navy Course

  1. Kindly advice on my below quarry

    Currently I'm doing ASM course which will get concluded on 15th Dec 2021 & also I've booked STCW refresher on 21st & 22nd Dec at institute. My question is can I attend DG shipping e-learning for STCW refresher online within this period of my ASM course. Will the clash/overlapping of institute Couse & e-learning create an issue later?

  2. सर हमने assesmnet complete कर लिए।। ऑनलाइन class होने लगी class खतम होने के कितने दिनों के अंदर एग्जाम देना होता है।।अगर महीने बाद दे दे तो चलेगा।।

  3. I chk to with BP marine for LPG course they said go for first e learning fill up your all deta than online course link will get on email daily 9to5 and than exist examination also online

  4. sir if we are failed in exit exam then how we can upload the exit exam again and how we can online payment for uploading the exit exam please sir reply…sir on u tube not any vedio is to be found by regarding this issue and what is MTI no. sir??

  5. hello Sayantan,
    just watched your video on e learning course,
    i have one query about the minimum timing,
    i didn't meet the required timing,
    so now what should i do to re correct the timing…?? and how…??
    .thank you

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