Source: Da Brat Draggs Thee F out of Nicci Gilbert for EXPOSING Kelly Price stories & making money behind it

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25 thoughts on “Da Brat Draggs Thee F out of Nicci Gilbert for EXPOSING Kelly Price stories & making money behind it

  1. Something was off about it, but if Kelly was as sick as she said she was and is…. Then I can’t judge when and how she went about anything. I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. Nicci has a pattern here and while Brat reacted really dramatically, I kinda feel her frustration about it. The way Nicci been moving since R&B divas is suspicious. And stop mentioning Michael Jackson at every damn turn! That part is telling!!

  2. These grown adults need to leave this internet thugging & confronting for the CHILDREN. And it's hilarious how these adults go off and then try to throw in, "I normally don't even do this on the internet…." when this is something they actually do a couple times a month with various people. Grow up yall. Y'all make entirely too much money to be engulfed in all this childlike foolery. Why tf was this even in my feed?

  3. Maybe Nicci Heard it through the Grapevine that Kelly wasn’t feeling too fine and she hoped that she gets much better yes sheeee dooooo doooo ewww bitch. Was making up shit sound like to me. Kept talking in circles about Kelly and what her daughter said.
    This Brownstone Song ain’t doing Nicci No Justice 😂 done pissed me off just being nosey.

  4. Remind me how many people per year are killed by people operating a mobile phone whilst driving or not fully focused drivers ? I'll wait 😐

  5. I would not want a friend like u honey if u are a friend u do not tell their business PLAN AND SIMPLE the things people do for MONEY I worn my kids and grandkids about so dam call friends Ms.Kelly keep this woman out of your life…..

  6. Da brat does the same thing by being on a gossip show, and anything could’ve happened to Kelly Price and we (fans) wouldn’t have known. Her family was concerned / and her fans…. Somebody needed to speak up and speak out. But this is how you get your name to buzz…. Brat need to save that energy for her show.smdh …..

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