Source: Dababy baby mom Meme reacts to Dababy kicking Danileigh out, says this is KARMA Bench!!!

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39 thoughts on “Dababy baby mom Meme reacts to Dababy kicking Danileigh out, says this is KARMA Bench!!!

  1. This girl sounds proud to be one of his baby mothers. And yes you are laughing at her pain. She did you wrong but karma already came for her. Now you’re just kicking while she’s down 🤣🤣🤣 I think she hates that he’s Danileigh baby daddy now also. Ya’ll both lived with him and he shitted on both. Both of ya’ll look stupid

  2. How the person treats you is how they feel about you pay close attention. also believe people when they first show you who they are , test the fruit first amen. never ever ever ever settle for less know your worth self love first aswell

  3. Meme need to leave him alone too . He dnt care about neither one of them . They both look silly . I wud be sipping my tea laughing if I was meme but clearly she still mess with the dummy .

  4. MeMe you look like a damn fool even addressing this bull he was just having this girl living in his home n not thinking about you so why would you even involve yourself in this once he’s having issues with her this could’ve been you and your child it wouldn’t be cool then the bashing each other is trash y’all both got played y’all both not his gf or wife just a baby mom move on cuz ya look stupid and he don’t care bout either of y’all just sleeping with y’all long as y’all allow it

  5. Meme and DaBaby meant for each other …they just be rambling and talking in circles while throwing in a big word that has 3-4 syllables in it here and there …like, can we get at least ONE full sentence? Tf

  6. Nobody:

    Meme: “I don’t really compose myself, you feel me? .. cause …I don’t wanna have my shyt on the internet”

    You don’t compose yourself?? Girl wtf does that even mean?? …people really out here trying to ‘sound’ smart and make no sense at all 😑🙄

  7. This is the 2nd time I’ve heard about Danni doing some sort of “LOVE SPELL.” I’m just waiting on a YouTube vlogger or blogger to REALLY come out with the TEA ☕️ behind these claims👀!….

  8. You can't control others and emotionally, and not control there feelings and physically mentally and emotionally. You've no right ,no say so. You're mad and you can but she can't, NO, doesn't work that way.

  9. Da Baby disrespected YOU and you won’t be the last to be disrespected…he is who he is it is what it is…take care of your seed as a mother and keep it moving.

  10. Stupid is as stupid does🤦‍♀️compose yourself by focusing on your kids and their well being “They” didn’t ask to be here or be caught up in this circus show!

  11. Meme god watching your evil work im pray for da baby to get them evil spirits love spells off them he got three baby mommy's the other mommy got a come up and setting down way to boo

  12. None of these women are really valuable in his eyes. Meme is actually a clown, because regardless of all her smooth talking, she will ALWAYS go back to and put up with DaBaby’s ill treatment. Danileigh is the least of your problems when the man who emboldened her stays sexing you. I also want to know where her FIRST baby daddy is at. She should go live and speak on that.

  13. How is she a side chick if he said he was single ? He gave main woman benefits to a woman who he called his side chick. He’s the problem!! Meme and these women shouldn’t even be going back and forth. He is the one.

  14. This is crazy 🤪😳yalll are petty childish doesn't matter what race u are neither of yall winning those kids are winning because these kids are innocent neither of yall innocent all 3 of yall toxic dysfunctional go get therapy because yall fighting over a coward a man whose disrespectful and a straight loser he ain't shit if u love someone who is a lame u lame to

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