Source: DaBaby pushin baby mama Danileigh and baby out on the streets, cops was called, she EXPOSING ALL

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25 thoughts on “DaBaby pushin baby mama Danileigh and baby out on the streets, cops was called, she EXPOSING ALL

  1. If you don’t care or feel the need to explain shut up because we are not team you. She justifies instead of take accountability for being a side chick, insulting black women with her dumb colorist song all this evil behavior for a bum. The girl was talented but not a woman at all

  2. #1 RULE TO LIFE

  3. She tried to cook for him that was the last straw 🤣 She thought she was in there. Bogarten his personal space and using That Baby to get sympathy. We suppose to feel sorry for her because her tricks didn't work on DaBaby?

  4. Here we go, Dani is the only one to blame here * insert sarcastic eye roll🙄….

    This is the very reason why personal matters should not be on social media or out here for people to see/ hear because everyone has an opinion about something that doesn't even pertain to them.

    It's tragic because the little baby will one day grow up and see all of this, and I hope she gets therapy for it. That's what really matters, these kids are real people, with real lives like the rest of us. These kids lives are exploited for y'all's entertainment and it's sick.🙄😒

  5. Look how y'all relationship happened. He was all about his bm getting praises for the fact that he still with her during his come up. Soon as he came up he then starts to diss her and with you but apparently like it always goes never stopped messing with his bm. Idk why females be thinking they gone be different but ra though idk if it's the rawness with no makeup or what but you not even looking like Dani Leigh. Yo before I even knew you to be with dude to my perspective you held yourself to a way higher standard but here you are airing yo business like you ain't you. Shoot I know when you hurt you let it rip but it's crazy to think it wouldn't happen to you when you came in to it when it was messy.
    Hey on some rs though everybody got problems and goes through things but one thing I will say about Beyonce is she keeps it cute and private. Never see her airing her business but if and when she does she sends it in a song making money off of it but still don't give you all of the business.
    Mostly all relationships famous and not have infidelity issues but it's very few that hits the media. That should make you wonder. Me and a friend of mines actually one day just was thinking out loud about celebs who never scandals outbreaks after the whole ti and tiny scandal cuz I never seen that coming. Anywho keep ya shit private because when you put shit out you allow ppl to chime 🎐 in and add to what isn't their BUSINESS. POINT BLANK PERIOD. IJS

  6. Welcome to Da baby Mamas Club! LOL!! She thought she was better than the other baby mamas! She thought her wonderbread and getting knocked up was going to secure her a permanent spot in his penthouse. This Garbage Pail Chick got her nerves, so he's gotta be a n*** now since he doesn't want her? She must've thought she was special. Now she's gonna have to go down and get on that housing waitlist.

  7. What goes around comes around. Did she think that having his child would put her high up on a pedestal. She shouldn't have had a baby by him until he put a ring on it and married her first. Then again, a lot of these women are so quick to have a baby so just in case their relationship doesn't work out, they can live good off the child support. Truth is , with this type of man, history repeats itself, so beware and be careful.

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