Source: Dababy says Danileigh is a BIG LIAR & had his baby to Boost her music career

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21 thoughts on “Dababy says Danileigh is a BIG LIAR & had his baby to Boost her music career

  1. I hate to say this or maybe I do… but I don't believe him… he is on the constant campaign to tell all of this damaging stuff about her for no reason… his pride is hurt that's what all of this telling is about… he did get upset she bought a plan b…. she was supposed to let him keep making babies. When she stood up for herself that's when he went on this campaign….

  2. This dude is evil. What a despicable thing to say about your child's mom. He ain't even worth a penny with a hole in it. She's as bad as he is. She should have been careful about what she said in the beginning of the screwation between the two of them. Dark-skinned people are hated by the people of the DR unless they think they have some money. She assumed her skin was going to get her in like in the DR. He gas lighted her like a lot of dudes probably do. I hope she learned a thing or two about colorism and men.

  3. She wouldn't have had his baby if he didn't shoot his bullets into her uterus. He didn't have to get her pregnant. Everyone's responsible for their own selves. She could've given him AIDS/HIV, herpes, etc. Wrap it up, protect yourself and this wouldn't even be a topic. Plain and simple.
    I have 4 sons. I tell them there's no way a woman can trap them. They'd have to be fools to put their lives in someone else's hands. Be responsible for your own life and health. PERIOD.

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