35 thoughts on “DaniLeigh says blk W0men are jealous & Tami Roman opens up about her health & being extremely Skinny

  1. Imagine this: Making a song praising yourself about being a yellow bone woman, but not being black and saying black women are jealous of you.

    Make it make sense.. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Jealous, but didn't your baby's daddy call you out on stalking his first baby's mom, a black woman. Whom you were being petty about in a you song to help boost your confidence Miss Redbone. Stawwpppp

  3. Jealous of what?! How he dawgs you 😂girl please. You can have ALL OF THAT.

    She not black, but sure was calling him "nigga" through the whole vid. Not to mention, isn't her daughter black 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Jealous of what how much money 💰 🤑 you got! There are many black men fake women don't have chance with a real black women. I hope you get what you deserve. GOD bless you.

  5. I'm a Black woman and even I think black women are jealous( of course not all). Lmao! But honestly black women ( of course not all) should be ashamed of how ya'll behave and think this day and age, smh. Ya'll are definitely a let down to those who came before ya'll. 🤦🏽


  7. Insecurities Is what I hear and what I see.
    This young lady allowed her self to be sucked In on A live by a dude that has been grooming her Ass for that moment…. And she think she special. Yes woman related with the situation not her as a whole…. She slow how you going to let a man blow your head up than shoot It off…. Please….. It would serve her better to work on her and stop think woman jealous of her…….. This is what happens when we put ourselves on pedestals…..

  8. Wrong is wrong a lot of y’all had hate for her then flip flopped now y’all hurt again. Stop taking shit personal like y’all know these mfn ppl y’all

  9. It’s about to be 2022 I don’t understand why white or non black women think just bc they dating a black man that black women are jealous or envious of them and that black men don’t want black women and they hold non black women at a higher value? Makes no since, they basically calling black women Racist and insecure as if non black women are a threat??? That is 100% not true. If a white women thinks a black man is with her due to her skin tone/race that hoe is outta line and shallow asf period! And that’s the type of energy she will bring in her relationship, that’s so sad. Why can’t a black man be with a non black women bc he actually LOVES her??? Chile please, for the sake of ALL black women you can keep that brown skin Dababy/Chris brown Nd all them other shallow ass mfs hunty cuz Black women don’t need nor want that type of energy + she dumb if she think that man ain’t still going back and forth between her and his BLACK baby mom🧐 she so Naïve, MOST men now and days honestly do not care about race/skin tone, if they SEE a beautiful women to their liking they will try it PERIOD!! Unless they are faithful and are in love with the person they are currently with, hence my first statement “ why cant a black man be with a non black women without the stigma of him being with her only bc her skin tone? Why can’t he just love her bc he loves her?” Don’t you want a man to be with you bc he actually just loves you rather than the color of your skin/race? That’s shallow asf lol Know your worth! And yes it’s okay to have a preference but to just say you won’t date another race bc they are ugly is weird bc beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is beauty in all races no matter what skin/ race you are🙄 And last but not least most black men date black chocolate women!!! They love chocolate women!!!! But that doesn’t mean they can’t date outside of their race and Vice versa, some people are dumber than a box of rocks lol

  10. Black women man put some respect on our name . Blue is telling the truth. Girl jealous if you think you can handle black men non black women go for it cuz we go through a lot with black men. Join the the club y'all . Dani is not black. Close to a kardashian

  11. Blue isn’t lying. And black ppl support everyone and I don’t understand it. Disrespect us and mock our culture and we accept them. Not me I’m not doing whites with soul or Dani either. She dissing all black women.

  12. As an artists you should never be a follower ALWAYS BE A LEADER. Please stop being a racist because at the end of the day we are all WOMEN… I liked Danny, but she should chose her words wisely and basically move on to focus on her career that she has at this moment. GET MONEY, instead of focusing on bullshit 💯 yes, I'M DARKSKIN AND VERY LOVED!!!! I'M BEAUTIFUL ❤❤

  13. Black women are the ones secure within ourselves. It’s females like this that need help from us and when we don’t run to the rescue it’s supposedly because we are jealous. 😜😛😃😁

  14. She is a joke… Bye Tweety Bird🐥… we are not jealous .. you have embarrassed your whole damn self and child before millions of people and possibly have ruined your career… Lmaoooo.. Mimi ain't mad, I bet that…. you let him gas you tfu… you got the same treatment that these other women of all races get from some blk men or some men period! Hello Dummy… why do you like Black Men??? Can you answer that.. other than complexion🤔 You let this black man PLAY YOU.. facts! I don't listen to her music, never had.

  15. Right summer Walker like I will help you… y’all need to stop advocating women who disrespect your sisters. Yellow bone was ignorant.

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