Translated From: Danna Paola alerted her fans after appearing with oxygen

Discovered on: 2021-12-05 03:04:39

Danna worried her fans on social networks (Photo: Instagram / @ dannapaola)

Danna Paola aroused curiosity and concern among her fans, since the famous one shared a photo in which she comes out with an oxygen respirator, which has generated various speculations about a possible case of Covid-19.

The image was uploaded through her temporary Instagram stories and Danna Paola can be seen dressed in black and with a cap, while raising an arm and it is seen that she breathes with the help of an oxygen mask, although her face is not fully visible .

“Wrap up little friends” was the text that accompanied the photograph. Apparently Danna Paola has a cold because she even recommended to her followers that they take precautions with low temperatures, however she has not given more details about her health.

Although it generated controversy, he has not given any statement so far and has not uploaded a photo or video to his social networks. She decided to keep her fans uncertain but other theories have emerged of what could be happening with the actress, too.

The singer uploaded a photo that generated rumors (Photo: Instagram screenshot / @ dannapaola)

They did not rule out different possibilities and one of them is that perhaps the artist has only played a joke on them, as she has a characteristic sense of humor. Other netizens assured that the arrival of the cold season most likely caused a respiratory illness and that forced Danna Paola to use oxygen.

The truth is that oxygen can also be used for respiratory diseases that are not so delicate, but the concern of his followers was present, since there were those who suspected that he had been infected with Covid-19.

Surely she received all the support and affection from her fans because they are always aware of what happens with the singer.

Danna decided to make a change of look (Photo: Instagram / @ dannapaola)

On the other hand, a couple of days ago he also surprised his followers as he made a post on Instagram where he revealed his new look. After surprising with her shorter and platinum version, the 26-year-old singer showed that she is always full of surprises when she returns to extra long hair, as she opted for a curly texture with which she became a trend.

The actress left the extra platinum to go to the classic blonde tone. “My wifi is as toxic as my 2021”, that’s how he titled his photos, which caused a stir among his fans. The publication has more than a million “likes” and received various comments.

The Mexican was very happy with the result of her new look by taking different photos in front of a mirror. “Mexican Goddess”, “You are unique, we love you”, “You are full of tenderness”, “I love your hair, anyway it looks incredible”, “Thank you for existing”, “For a 2022 with better wifi”, ” Danna’s lives and bad internet is classic, if it doesn’t have a bad connection, the live one isn’t Danna ”, among other comments.

The singer joked with the failures she has had in her live broadcasts (Photo: Twitter)

Several Internet users wrote to her and some highlighted how bad her internet was, since in her multiple “live transmissions” she has had problems due to the poor quality of her Wi-Fi and even she has joked about it. He recently shared some memes on Twitter, where you see some pixelated images of Danna.

From there, the users took advantage to show more videos and funny photos, making reference to the aforementioned and also several people asked him until he changed company and Internet to avoid interrupting the transmissions he does to maintain a conversation.


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