19 thoughts on “Demi Lovato, Matthew Scott Montgomery & Dallas Lovato on the E! News Rundown Show on Snapchat

  1. I know this is not related but I just wanted to say that #1 so proud of you for making better choices, also #2 I feel really bad for the Froyo shop you tried to throw under the bus, not your best moment! It’s not always about you, even though you have been brain washed to believe so.

  2. Yes! … Watching dis while eating lunch in my room in front of my computer which classes are on just made my day better.. But am I the only one that heard that Dallas miss gender demi when she said “and “she's” not a clone” and the reaction from Demi and Dallas when the lady showed her baby bump.. It took a while for both to realize but once both realized it was really cute..

    Ps.. If my sentence makes no sense pls excuse me bc I was trying not to use Demi's pronouns to refer to more than one person..

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