Translated From: Did Chiquis sleep with her mother’s husband? Know its truth

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There are no taboo topics for Chiquis Rivera, as he demonstrated in the most recent episode of his Chiquis and Chill podcast broadcast on Monday and which was titled “Honoring my mother Jenni Rivera.” The singer faced all the uncomfortable issues that haunt her family and delivered sordid details of the day her mother accused her of having slept with her husband, former baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

On the occasion of the proximity of the ninth anniversary of the death of Jenni Rivera, this December 10, Chiquis recalled the sad episode that broke the close relationship she had with her mother, and that forced her to continue her life as if her mother did not exist , because Jenni cut off all contact with her and disinherited her. Two months later the singer died in a plane crash in Mexico.

“I lost my mother twice. She died on December 10, 2012. We all lost her that day. But on October 2, 2012 I lost my mother before everyone else. We both had a disagreement, many misunderstandings, many toxic voices around her at that moment and we did not speak to each other. She was a very strong woman and her lessons were usually very hard, ”explained the 36-year-old singer.

The artist confessed that October 2 was the last time she had contact with her mother. “In September 2012 things got really weird with my mother. She was not having a good time, both emotionally and mentally. We all realized it, but we didn’t say anything so as not to upset her, ”he explained.

Chiquis reported that on that sad October 2, she received an email from her mother entitled “Luces encendidas.” “It was a very long and strong email. She said that she could finally see everything clearly and that she knew that I had been sleeping with her husband Esteban. At that time I was in a restaurant and I threw my phone on the floor. I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t even finish reading the email, “he said.

The singer’s first reaction was to drive to her mother’s house and clear up the misunderstanding, but Jenni had already decided to prevent any kind of contact. “The doors of his house were closed, the access codes had been changed, I don’t know how I managed to open the gate and I started knocking on the front door, but I couldn’t get in. I threw myself on the floor and started crying, “he said.

All the attempts Chiquis made to talk to her mother were in vain. “I tried to contact her in every possible way, by email, by phone (…) she blocked me from everywhere. I went from having full access to it to nothing. And my brothers took their side, otherwise it would bring them problems, “he continued.

According to the interpreter of “Anyone”, the culprit of the breakdown between her and her mother was an evil woman who had entered Jenni’s life a few months before. “She began to throw poison and evil in her ears, I don’t know how she could make up this whole story and my mother was not well emotionally and mentally,” she explained.

Chiquis’s response to whether it is true that he slept with Loaiza was emphatic and categorical. “I have all the evidence to show that I did not do that, that the night she thought it had happened I could not have done it, I have all the records that show that I could not do it (…) It is completely false that I was in the room with him (Loaiza). I tried to explain it to my mother, but she did not want to listen, “he said.

According to the artist and television host, some time later she felt the need to write the book Forgiveness, as a way to tell her truth and clear her name thinking of her future children and husband. “As a woman I would never have done something like that, and as a daughter I couldn’t have done something like that to my mother either, also out of fear, I knew her and knew what she was like,” she explained.

Chiquis related that at the time of Jenni’s death she only understood why God had faced her with such a painful situation. “I realized that I had to live that and lose my mother before she died in order to be stronger and to be able to support my brothers in their pain. (…) I always had the faith that I could talk to my mother and solve it, but we didn’t have enough time ”, he concluded.

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