Source: DL Hughley goes AWFF on Kanye West 4 giving out his address to his Goons "I will NEVER forgive this"

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45 thoughts on “DL Hughley goes AWFF on Kanye West 4 giving out his address to his Goons "I will NEVER forgive this"

  1. West has gone south tryin' to get North, and is losing fans support by the minute. Once the public don't like you, you can't stick a fork in it. Social media has made nobodys famous & also has made famous people regret it existed. The covers are off for the whole world to see the truth. "DO NOT FK WIT THEM DAMN COMEDIANS". They can hit you without throwin' 1 punch✔

  2. Kanye West is not a man because he has more money—-it just makes him a billionaire who is nothing more than a PUNK-ASS. D.L. Hughley is NOT the one to mess with….Kanye really needs to check himself—-he CAN get WRECKED FOR REAL on this one!

  3. DL needs to file formal charges against Kanye! Black people like him are quick to run up on another Black person, but rarely have the same smoke for others!

  4. Keep your dry joke ass mouth close about other people business….yes …ye should've kept his dam business off social media…..but that don't give you the right to open your mouth about it…..

  5. I don't understand why he is acting like this when both of them have slept with other people. Kanye West don t need custody over no one including himself. KANYE needs a section 8/mental health evaluation to see if he is able to care for himself. We all have been rejected before one way or another. It's time out for the bullshit and get on some real shot like get a THERAPIST which should be ordered by the judge before he gets to see his children again.

  6. Why is Kanye not being held accountable legally for his actions? He’s going too far with this behavior. At first I was feeling bad for Kanye but now it’s just getting out of hand due to his brokenness.

    And DL is right, an empty wagon makes the most noise.

  7. Game over,, yeze,, or what ever they call you,, WE STAND WITH D.L. ON THIS YOU BEST BELIEVE,, I WAS DONE WITH YOU ON THAT DONALD CHUMP ISH,,.. so yeah game over

  8. I agree with DL. Kanye's behavior can set in motion very dangerous things. Giving out DL's address put DL and his family in danger. No one is checking this behavior. Kanye cannot stop talking and saying whatever pops into his head. Someone needs to really think about what's best and the most healthy for Kanye, too. He isn't well, he's struggling mental health wise.

  9. Kanye mixes with Devil Worshipping…check out his video with Marilyn Manson Satanists it has also affected his mind. Press charges DL…can not believe people are following up this nut.

  10. Man if I had 4 kids and married a woman what MAN wouldn't want her back or try to be somewhere she is!!!! It's only natural a man wants his own and to obtain it this man Kanye got the chick EVERYBODY wanna fuck n they tryna make him seem crazy but they keep using this against him but its only natural. DL on the DL he using GODS NAME to be obsessed over a grown man who's basically ONLY WANTS HIS WIFE BACK not some girl or groupie (according to him) niggas get shot for not minding their business and I understand completely where Kanye coming from and his money ain't long as Kanye so STFU

  11. He comes at Kanye as if Kanye should be content with his success. One thing I like about Kanye is that he is never content. I'm not saying he wasn't wrong for giving out DL's home address, because that was reckless. Just know that there is much more to Kanye than is covered by the media and he has helped so many people and continues to try to help people. He could take his billions and easily sit down and be quiet like a lot of billionaires. With proper money management, he doesn't have to work another day in his life and his money will make him plenty. DL calls Kanye's billion-dollar shoe company "Stupid ass Yeezys"? Y'all can listen to DL on being successful. I'll keep listening to Ye to understand success and DL for comedy.

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