Source: DL Hughley Speaks OUT after Kanye West Gorilla Goons Ran down on him in the restaurant with his lady

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32 thoughts on “DL Hughley Speaks OUT after Kanye West Gorilla Goons Ran down on him in the restaurant with his lady

  1. Ok, whomever did this is wrong! I do not know but (if)( allegedly) Kanye people are doing this "wrong" "wrong" wrong" and Kanye will pay "God" is not pleased. Ok, if soooo put them in check "Kanye", because your lack of obedience will cause "you" to fall I am just saying period. 💯

  2. How do y'all know if Kayne sent him? It seems to me everybody is picking and choosing sides,DL spoke in reference to Kayne siding with (Pete) ,and maybe this so called Goon is siding with Kayne.This whole situation is funny .Nowdays social media makes everything over dramatic.The whole situation looks like two adults just socializing ,maybe he's a fan just speaking.I also love your channel Gossip Girl❤️

  3. Sad..DL had to pee because he got nervous. DL..please stop talking..take the high road..the younger folks built different. They do not understand the value of life. Most young folks dont make it too 25 yrs old in real time and these younger ones not afraid to see the other side.

  4. It baffles me the risk people take for celebrities. If you go to jail they won't be there to help you or your family. It's so dumb but this shows you the state of others minds. Scrambled af.

  5. No disrespect but she did not tell this story correctly she is telling a whole different story if you don't believe me go look at the breakfast club YouTube video about the same situation it is told totally different she isn't even reading the tweet correctly she is making it seem like DL hughley was scared and that's not what happened

  6. I’m glad Kanye is showing the world how immature & reckless blk men are….apparently Blk men don’t have anything better to do than argue, fight, threaten & harass everybody.. can’t get along with each other, with women, with other men… just problematic at all times…

  7. D.l. Hughley need to get a restraining order against Kanye and whatever Kanye wrote on YouTube or any place else he need to bring it to the police for evidence he needs to go to jail I'm sick of Kanye with his bugged-out self now I see with Kim's talkin about he's gone

  8. Kanye is showing how much of a man he is not. REAL men handle their own. I get why Kim got away from him. Too many young ladies end up dead or maimed behind a situation like this. Kanye has lost his damn mind.

  9. Kayne needs to grow up that woman don't want u leave that woman alone. It's not DL fault u can't hold on to your woman. U know what u had when u got with her. A woman of the world. Old saying u can't turn a whole into a house wife. Sorry for your loss

  10. DL needs to sue Kanye for any and all harassment as he is the reason for it and Kim needs to use it as further evidence to deny him visitations without supervision and at none of his events because he's mentally and threat a d his cult members are equally a threat. I beat he has binoculars and telescopes ained at Kim's house to spy on her. I don't even like that family but I am more disgusted by what Kanye has become and it's not just mental illness, it's ego. And the fact that musicians support him is even more disgusting. Yet if they had just a simple stalker they call the cops and get restraining orders. And the fool who came up to DL in a fine dining restaurant of all places. DL should sue him as well. That's what you call a low brow no home training clout chaser.

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