Source: DL Hughley tells Monique to Keep dat mouth Shut while showing RECEIPTS she WRONG, Ricky Smiley MAD

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30 thoughts on “DL Hughley tells Monique to Keep dat mouth Shut while showing RECEIPTS she WRONG, Ricky Smiley MAD

  1. Who got what was in writing? The deal memo had what was negotiated and the agency likely has the contract on file. Monique posted paperwork from Hicks Management which is Sidney Hicks, her husband/manager. Ya'll need to stop making noise and recognize who actually got what was in writing, DL did. Tickets, flyers and the right to decide the order of the show. mic drop Review both documents and listen to DL's show to hear exactly what happened. Monique got ya'll riled up over another beef. SHAMEFUL. Nobody puts their contract out online for an audience on the internet. WHY? More hot mess.

  2. Yes it really is a sad day in Black comedy, because look at black people going against one another. It's really sad that we as black people wants to take each other out, and black people going around talking about black lives matter, straight bullshit I'm really ashamed at them for clowning for the white man sad sad sad.

  3. Oh hell no….Ricky not talking about egos!!!!!!

    Monique took her craft to the next level!!!!

    She didn’t just stagnate with just comedy!!!!!

    She went out there and got a whole Oscar!!!!!!!

    Put some respect on that woman’s name!!!! She acquired the credentials so acknowledge them!!!

  4. Smh🙄Let go and let God 🙏🙏 It's a shame the older u get the miserable u get.We are living in our last days and y'all have nothing else to do but go back and forth about the past.This goes to show that y'all don't even appreciate still being alive.🤷

  5. They can say what they want about Monique and her husband but Mo got a husband that’s always by her side and THATS what they don’t like! They can’t shut her up and they can’t talk to her any old kind of way cause her or her husband ain’t going for it PERIOD!

  6. Pls Monique stopppppppp! Yes u are strong,yes u have been right so many times!!!! But u never stop stop fighting!!!!!!! Start moving on and concentrate on your greatness!!!!! U are great just leave the beefs!!!!

  7. I did not see the first video clip with Rickey Smiley he explained how that has happened to him and other comics and they worked it out between them. The promoters switched things up and put hands in pockets

  8. BW Stan by this sista, right or wrong BW always Stan together! BM worshippers are nothing more than simpleton at this pt!

    50cent show ur colors, she nds the mthrfkn support!!!

  9. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is it's pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.i think stores better have tight security because when people can't afford to feed their families, things might get ugly .

  10. Lol sometimes , No matter how sexy a brother looks ! Ya might just wanna do a double take ! And say , hold up N fall back …lol I say this to say , I was attracted to men , who looked good , N smelled good ! Only , lmao cuz there were 2 that 1 I loved N didnt know either , were gay ! I say , do it home lwork ! Amen .

  11. She tell me like it is she just got back and I always got something to get some milk against her she’s been gone long will you be gone for a long time but hell she didn’t get her foot in the door here to go that’ll make no sense we need to pull together

  12. im wit monique but i wish she would have dissed netflix like this.
    Personal Opinion. i feel like some BW down BM but will never down the monster industry

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