Translated From: Does Anabel Hernández have more evidence against Galilea Montijo?

Discovered on: 2021-12-01 00:08:03

The journalist Anabel Hernández has awakened a new controversy with her most recent book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco”, where she mentions several famous men and women who allegedly had links with drug lords.

Among the people mentioned stands out the name of Galilea Montijo, host of the program “Hoy” who supposedly had a love relationship for 2 years with Arturo Beltrán Leyva, “El Barbas”.

In her book, Anabel Hernández hardly dedicates a few pages to Galilea Montijo in the chapter called “El Bombón Asesino”. According to the renowned journalist, former collaborators of Beltrán Leyva were the ones who confirmed the “private” meetings between the driver and the capo.

Given the rumors unleashed by the book, Galilea Montijo published a video where, through tears, he publicly separated himself from the family of Inés Gómez Mont, and clarified that he has not had any improper relationship or participated in illegal affairs.

In his video, Galilea does not mention Anabel Hernández or Arturo Beltrán Leyva. In addition, a legal team specialized in defamation lawsuits is already working to denounce Anabel Hernández, her publisher and the media that have taken up information about the case.

What a mess Anabel Hernández has gotten into by exercising, with excellence, her job as an investigative journalist.

Contrary to reports recently published by organizations financed in the United States, where the texts just don’t get to the point and they bet too much on speculation; Anabel Hernández’s journalistic works always have strong documentary support and a justified informative premise.

Anabel Hernández did not write “Emma and the other narco ladies” to ruin Galilea Montijo

Anabel Hernandez (Rashide Frias / Cuartoscuro)

Anabel Hernández did not write “Emma and the other narco ladies” to ruin the life of Galilea Montijo, but to approach the dark world of drug trafficking from another point of view: that of the women violated and manipulated by these “bosses” who perpetrated not only violence and crime in the country, but machismo and abuse within their families.

This is how Anabel herself explained it in an interview with Julio Astillero:

“This system that I am talking about is the universal system in Mexico, of course, it is extrapolated because these men live to the fullest, to the limit, because they have the money and the power. Many women will feel reflected that: I have ever been in a circumstance like this. We are talking about the fact that this patriarchal, macho world is not exclusive to organized crime. It is something that is in Mexico and it is important to debate. Women have an important role in beginning to break the silence in these areas. “

Anabel Hernandez

The storm unleashed by Anabel Hernández could break some glass walls that until now had remained untouchable.

Surely it was not going through Anabel’s mind that, after the publication of her book, she would have to worry more about a lawsuit from Galilea Montijo than about threats from organized crime. Faced with this scenario, it would not hurt for the journalist to offer more evidence about the alleged relationship between Galilea and “El Barbas”, both to respond to the possible lawsuits filed against her, and to make it clear that her journalistic work is sustains in data and verifiable evidence ..

Also, supposing without granting that it was true that Galilea Montijo met the leader of the Beltrán Leyva, is there something wrong with that, what is the crime?

Anabel Hernández’s book also mentions celebrities such as Ninel Conde, Alicia Machado, Andrés García, Silvia Irabién and Arleth Terán. So far none of those television stars have come out to deny what Anabel said, could it be that they are waiting for the right moment to file a class action lawsuit, or do they know that there is something true in the whole thing and why remember that one Yesterday?

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